Monday, July 4, 2011

The boyfriend..;p

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! ..heheheh guess who's back to rock your world??!!

Yes! She's back! Full of spirit, full of life... feeling ever more complete than before!!

Unfortunately a while ago, when I thought I lost my camera, the whole world came crushing down.. My face changed..I didn't have mood to do anything!! ..And of cause, its because of my eyes as which I have to take 3 eye drops now..and 3 tablets..and I will constantly feel this numbness in my hands and fingers.. that is the side effect of the pills! ..But thank God, I stopped the steroids! aleast I don't have to bother about my weight that much..;)

My mom realized this sudden change in my emotions.. and asked if was alright..this is how the conversation went..:

Mom: Juan, are you alright??..
Juan: Yes ma, I'm fine..
Mom: But you don't sound fine... are you having any boy friend problem?? who is your boy friend anyway??
Juan: HHAHAAHAH... no ma, that't the last thing I need right now..;p 
Mom: hmm what about *****..?? He seems like a nice guy.. nice family..
Juan: LOL..MAAA!! ..we're just friends. Period.
Mom: Yes, maybe he'a a little unique..but he;s nice..
Juan: Ma, like seriously, if at all I have a'll know.
Mom: How??? You don;t tell me anything..
Juan: Oh trust me. I dont need to tell you..for you to know.. you'll know!
Mom: ....

Hehehehe..and no, I don't have a boyfriend, just incase you needed to know. Yes at times I wished I one. I wish to receive early morning sweet and melting messages and goodnight calls.. I wish to go to the movies and lie on his shoulders.. I wish to have stupid conversations that someone makes sense with that special someone.. ;)

Oh but what the hell... I think I'm fine by my own!! ..I have Jesus!!! what else would I possibly need..;)

Ok, next post on the camp...and I need to go upload the pics! ..;)