Friday, July 30, 2010

The newsletter

Trust me, even if you gave me a million bucks, I'd never ever...wanna go through this day again!!.. seriously...I'm dead tired, I can barely open my eyes or think!..but wait a minute, did I say a million bucks??..hmm maybe I will.. Gosh, who am I kidding!... lol... I take backmy words .. Yes I would go through this day again for a million bucks!..=)

But well, from 9am-4pm, I was starring at the computer non-stop... editing, editing editing, caption, headline, sub-head line, together with vallerie, yamunah, may yen, kamien, jeng... then suddenly article not enough.. wherela to find last minute article at the moment of death??...

Thank God, Ms Yogee suddenly said that editors could write!! apa lagi??.. I quickly started writing about FIFA, which was a real bad idea, since I had no idea on how exactly football is played besides how cute Miroslav Klose and David Villa is...still whatever words that popped into my mind I just wrote it down.. then suddenly I had a brilliant idea..AS USUAL!! ..hehehe... I wrote my very first story last year.. why can't I just send that in??..and there... thanks to my brilliant-ness in solving panics.. I manage to submit the very last article for our newsletter!! But really, I rather be a writer than an editor!!..

Well, just to release stress once in a while...of cause I logged in to facebook!.. ffuuhhh.. Wonder what happens to the world if suddenly Facebook is shut down! and and..of cause to Mr Alex, also my stress releaser, though I totally disagree with his idea of having to interview his very own friend who needs a job..but well thank you for the company and humour..=)

Then gosh, KTM was on my nerve again.. I mean in the was amazing!!.. like totally.. brought me in on time.. but going back.. I swear I barbequeing in it la ok.. Dahla carrying my sisters huge laptop bag that makes me look like a turtle.. then have to squeeze in like a 'sperm' into the oh-so-crowded train!.. lol..and to top it all...NO AIR-COND!! ....and I held my breath every single minute of my life there.. yes I know, I should be dead.. but well God thought I had so much more to reach in this yeah.. He saved me from the smelly, sweaty, sucky train!!!...

And then rushed home to prepare my slides for praise and worship.. had a great time...despite the though about my hanging assignments.. Came back home.. mailed Kamien the last piece.. and God, it looks awesome... Our newsletter looks awesome!!... Great job to my teammates!! it! Loved working with them!!.....weeeeeeeee!!

Ok..the head is killing still... guess lets call it a night then..
Was it worth??..
Lol..Hell yeah it was!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Back..just as I expected!

Seeeee!!..I told you.. right when I feel like giving up on something.. it comes crawling back right in!.. Much stronger..much more..hmmm effective.. Cause ever since I got up this hand itched to blog.. itched to touch they keyboard and just rant something..whether it makes sense or not.. who cares??.. Just write, write and write.. Write till you have nothing to write.. Write till your fingers are tired.. Write even though the world thinks you have reached your highest level of insanity...

Like when you waited for someone sooo long.. and then its time to let go and move on.. and then they come back.. leaving your heart restless..and speechless..betul-betul hopeless!

Well, anyway since I'm in the mood..hope you don't mind the extra crappings..=)

I had the weirdest dream ever..maybe not weird..lucky I guess.. I got up was wishing it happened in real life.. I won this first place in some talent contest..and my number was 100824!..I won RM2560!! I didnt know what was the number for, maybe should ask my dad to buy lottery or something..heheheh unfortunately Kamien woke me up and asked me to mail her the headlines and pictures.. and there goes my dream..

And it got me thinking.. Maybe its all just dream.. like in inception.. Maybe I'm in someones dream.. like a projection.. something thats not real.. someone wanted me in their dream..for whatever reason it is.. the fact that I'm sitting here typing.. its all a dream.. whatever your reading now..its a dream!...ssiigghhh..or maybe..I'm just toooo excited to get back my blogging mood..heehhehe... don't mind me alrite..=) and just better pinch yourself to make sure..its not a dream!..hehehe

But Dr Suess once said.."When your in love, reality is finally better than your dreams!" like thats gonna happen..ppfftt!

I ponteng class today..hehe.. cannot get up wor!!.. really!..and I just told you about my dream!..hehehe...anyway I didn't care also la.. bar list is out..and its only presentation today.. heard it was something!..and I missed it!.. The one day I'm absent..everything happens at that particular day!..ish

Instead I was at home..watching TITANIC!!..heheheheh.. Yeah tell me about it!.. I lost count many times I watched it.. and Leonardo Dicaprio's so so gorgeous!..Breathtaking!!.. You can just loose yourself in it.. It's like crystal clear sea green!!.. but was BLUE!!.. I prefer the green though.. it looked very much natural.. =)

And I can't wait to be done with next week!..sssiighhh.. Monday, Journalism final report hand in and short presentation.. Tuesday, basic photography final assignment hand in..and also presentation.. Thursday comes my first paper!!.. which is only Moral studies.. and my sister said, Its really a waste of time and useless to actually study for that subject.. but still, knowing me.. and the unexpectedness of my brain and heart.. I better start studying any time

Anyway, I feel like saying something wise as well..or perhaps..the facts of life..just to cover up the crapping part above.. to tell you, that sometimes I can be sane and totally rational!..=)
  • When you trust someone, never ever trust them completely.. cause you'll never know what might happen..
  • When you like someone, never get emotionally attached!..its the biggest mistake ever.. its extremely hard..or should I say hard-er to get detached!
  • When you fall in love.. make sure its because of who they are.. and not because of the sweet talk they whisper in your ears..
  • When someone says he likes you... is he still willing to hold your hand and look into your eyes, when you don't look like Angelina Jolie or Megan fox anymore??
  • If that person can't wait for you..than tooooo bad!!.. Someone else is willing too..
  • The main reason why some relationship don't work out and is left to waste.. is because they do not say whats in their heart..
  • It takes boy, to go up to all girls, take her hand and say "You're hawwt, I love you!!.." ....but it takes a man, to wait for that girl, never let her wet her cheeks.. hold her in her arms, look into her eyes..kiss her forehead and say.."You're beautiful, I want to spend the rest of my life with you!!"..=)
  • Assuming is bad.. Assuming can lead to arguments.. Assuming can lead to heart break.. So next time..just ask or say what you need to say..
  • You don't miss the water..till the well runs dry.. You'll never know what you had..till its gone..
hehehe...kononnya want to be a philosopher..for the day!..=)

Anyway I shall get back to the assignements!!..oh oh..and this song is awesome!!

I wanna grow old with you..
I wanna die lying in your arms..
I wanna grow old with you..
I wanna be looking in your eyes..
I wanna be there for you..
Sharing in everything you do..
I wanna grow old with you..

Simply awesome, amazing lyrics kan??...

Goodbye then...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


"Knock, knock!!" ...
Guess who's here..;p ;p ...

LOL... haizz.. who else could is possibly be??..
Hmm...I don't know why lately blogging doesn't interest me anymore.. perhaps its a sign, I quit?..high time I stop??.. But then rite..the moment you feel like quitting or giving up..then only something happens..that makes you shine and rise up..all over again!!.. Please tell me you had experience it.. You should!..It happens to me like all the time!!..

Hmm..anyway, the semester is coming to an end.. so does my blogging..I guess.. but well, before we jump into any conclusion, lets recall what is so exciting about 2nd semester, first year in UCSI..or not!!

  • Experienced the heart-breaking moment of watching your friends going their separate ways, right before your eyes.. and you could do nothing about it..
  • Meet a couple of awesome new friends like Sheena, Sukhbir, Jeremy, Sherrene, Shangery, Ruby, all study skills and journalism group you win some and loose some.. It's not the same, but well better than none!..=)
  • Created my very own video slides!!..weeeee!!.. still haven't recovered from the excitement..;p ;p ..
  • Lost my touch n' Go again...oh oh..and also my pink bottle!!.. ssiigghhh... why why??..omg..I forgot about my phone!!...I lost my phone!!..=(((((
  • Badminton every week.. was like a stress releaser..
  • Had some awesome, quantity time with Crystal and Jacynta.. And cyn is going back soon!!..=(((..just as soon as I start my holidays..she goes!... Now you see, why I'm so depressed always??
  • Missed prom, for TAYLOR LAUTNER!!..woot woot!!
  • Study skills community project was interesting!..Had fun with the kids..
  • Got my new camera!!..weeeeeeeeeeeee!! ..oh wait, I didn't blog about that, did i?? well I did!!..hehehe..
  • I officially turned 20 this sem.. nothing great..enjoyed the surprise though..
  • Got to know the most shocking news ever..which well, might be the main cause for my
ssiigghhh.. and really, I lost interest in blogging..=((

Will let you know, when I'm all alive again k??

Take care then!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

The past..

"For the first a long time..she bowed her head to pray.. She said, "I'm sorry for the way, I've been living my life..I know I got to change.."

So there have been times.. where you give up. Not surrender.. but simply give NOT giving up!!.. You try so be strong.. to think positively..and say, "It's okay, I'll be fine!.." but sometimes.. when it all falls seem to fall too..=( ..the moment you strive to find that tiny light at the end of the tunnel.. shadows cover your sight.. takes away the very little hope you have..

Can it be easier?
Can I just change my life?
'cause it just seems to go bad every time..
Will I be mending?
another one ending once again..

But you're left with no choices huh??.. You try to change the past.. or perhaps wished it didn't exist.. did.. It was very real.. every single bit of it remains in your memory.. Actually you have a choice.. A choice on whether to think about it over and over again..wondering what in the world went wrong.. and what would have happened if you did it otherwise..

The second to probably buy a whole chocolate factory..and spent your whole life there!! I'm just kidding.. ;p ;p ...The second choice is.. to believe that there is 2 good things coming out from every bad thing that happened.. that there is double laughter when you shed a single tear.. that everything happens for a reason.. A reason, you might not find out now... but later.. slowly but surely!!.. that there is someone out here in this world..who loves you just the way you are!..despite all the imperfections..He sees you as His child..someone worthy to die for.. that all you need is just a little Faith in HIm..and you'll have a Fantastic adventure..that your past..are the chapters that shaped you..into who you are today..

But well, it so much easier said that done! ..Still, its worth the try!..

God says "Yes"...and He gives you what you want..
God says "No"..and He gives you something better..
God says "Wait!" ..and He gives you the best!..

Hope that answered your questions about life...well it sure did to mine!!..

Good nite!! Have to get back to my assignments..=)

The grandma!!

Blueekk!! ...and this time I really really feel like throwing up!!..=(((( ...Stomach turning and churning..eehhwww!! ...How am I suppose to know that reading, while your're in the car could get you all dizzy-fied and end up vomiting?? you didn't know that as well, right?? ..well, according to my so-called does..=) ...hehehe.. nope, its very wrong to trust her!!... trust me, I know her.. and you know me.. so go figure out for

Ok I should probably stop now!..hhaiizz

And by the way.. guess what? ...I finished my first ever video slides!!..weeeeeeeeee!! ..Aren't I a genius?? ...and I did it all by myself..=) without anyone's help.. seriously, I'm a typical computer illiterate k!.. haiizz.. there was a point, where I totally gave up on technology!! ...but now...wooohooo.. I totally rocked!!.. hehe.. Don't you think so??!! ;p ;p

And the highlight of todays post.. MADAM RUBY THOMAS IS COMING BACK TO MALAYSIA AFTER A YEAR ABROAD!!! ...weeeeeeeeee!! ...*jumps up and down..doing the samba dance!!* ... whos madam ruby??.. hehehe.. My dearest, most adorable, absolutely loving GRANDMA!!! ... hehe.. I'm very close to both my grandmas.. very very close. ..don't believe me??..hehe.. well, one of them knows about my crushes!!..;) see told ya!!.. Can't wait!!.. can't wait to hug her..and pinch her cheeks again!!.. can't wait for her to pinch my cheeks!!.. weeee.. Can't wait!!..=D

Sorry...I'm really really hyper today.. Was in my cousins house the whole day!! ...pphheeww.. It was one heck of a day! ..We were preparing to welcome my grandma!!.. and its gonna be AWESOME ..I tell you.. A-W-E-S-O-M-E!! ...hehe..I swear I could have died laughing!..Almost banged my head on the wall..not to mention the part where my sis fell of the stairs..and I was the only one burst out laughing while the rest was like.."Ai-yo-yo!!"..hehehehe.. come on la!..its my SISTER!!..She's rock solid!!..the stairs have to do a bit more better than that to harm her!!..but I just had to grab my chance of rolling on the floor laughing, when she fell!..Who knows, it wont happen again! Told you..I'm H-Y-P-E-R!!

and meanwhile my useless FINAL EXAMINATION..simply had to fall on the coming weeks.. ssiighh. Why Lord??..Why me?? ..=(

Ok then, presentation coming right up tomorow!!..=D


Sunday, July 25, 2010

"Damsel in distress"

And finally, I am in my blogging mood again..

Please ignore the title.. I dislike the idea of "damsel in distress" ..but I like how it sounds..
And no, I am not a damsel in distress..
I am not trapped in that darn old castle..with my long, faded gown.. and messy "dry leave look-a-like" hair.. waiting for that nut case so-called "prince charming" on his harley davidson save me.. from the torturous, hideous looking monster.. hehehe..

I am a woman...*ceehh wahh!!* ...hehe.. yes, no matter how much you disagree with that, and still I think I should have my pacifier on... and sleep in the baby coat, with my mittens.. well I've got news for you!! ...I am a normal, prefect 20 year old woman!! ...ok, maybe not that normal or perfect..but definitely a woman!..and though I still use "Johnson baby's product" ..and still sleep with teddy bears on my bed.. I assure you..I think like an adult once.. in a while..=D ..

And I just got you thinking.."Oh Godd!!..she must have a sad childhood.." ...What a sad, depressed child!!.. LOL...

hehe.. Its not me k!!.. really it isn't!! .. its just "them" !!!..bblluueekk.. like sheena said.."bodo macam babi!!" ...hehehe.. what them?? ..that darn species called.."men" ..and I'm speaking on behalf of my besties as well!!..

First, they seem nice.. sweet talk giler-giler.. well, incase you didn't know.. SWEET TALK IS CHEAP!! ..=) ...and I've learned my lesson!..Then they make you fall truly, madly, deeply...once their job is done!! ...They move on to other girls.. betul-betul bodoh nak mampus!! and we're even dumber to let that happen.. the dumbest thing is that, we still want them..after all the nonsense!! seriously, why is it so darn find that one guy..with a heart??!!

Well today, since I have proudly declared I'm a woman!!..I have some other vows to be made..
  1. I do not need a guy, to help me life this life..
  2. I am going to be fine without you!
  3. I will destroy that "monster" all by myself!! ...
meanwhile, the voice in my head keeps on saying.."Action speaks lauder than words.." ...ssiigghh...

But really.. I am perfectly fine without you...

And damm.. I bad at lying!..=(

Selamat malam!!..

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Damm, the chick is hot!!"

And I finished compiling! psychology assignment!!...weeeeeeeee!! stay up till 4 in the morning to complete it again.. way to go Margrita.. who can ever beat your time management!!..;p ;p

And just for the record...I H-A-T-E compiling!!....=((

anyway.. I've got about 20 minutes left.. So I'll just say what I wanna say as quick as possible..
hehehe.. just something random I thought about on the bike earlier.. and also about what sheena said..

Firstly, I think its an honour to be born as a GIRL!! .. Cause you can go on and on and on..talking about 8 packs half-naked were wolves!!..*drools!!*.. about what a perfect guy EDWARD is..and its impossible to find anymore of his kind in the heartless world.. about how in the world should I do my hair.. about, "hey I loveveee your nail colour!!" ...about.."I badly need to go shopping, when are you free??!!" ... about, "Omg, did he just smile at me??!!" .. about, "I want another snap..I don't look nice there!!"

Yeap...thats a typical, normal, girly girl we're talking about.. am I one??.. hahahaha.. yeap.. not totally.. but yeah.. I mean.. come on!! have to feel something when "he" smiled at Y.O.U!! ..hehehe..

But then again, lol...sorry, it aint official without a BUT!!..if at all you look properly.. like not with your eyes.. but with your heart.. every single woman is unique..and totally special..

We aint just "some chicks" that you can lay your eyes on.. we're not "babes" ..from bay watch or gossip girl.. we're not some decorative items that you can check out..whenever you want, wherever you want!!

No matter how we speak, how we dress... we're human first. then a woman.. So maybe there are some who enjoys showing off a little skin, still who in the world gave you the right.. to intrude their "territory" with your eyes??.. So the blouse maybe a little low.. and the jeans as well!!... and you cant help starring..."damm, the chick is hot!!" ...why does it have to be like that..?? ... why can't it be.."wow, beautiful, gorgeous eyes.. I wonder how her heart is.." ...seeee... nice, decent and absolutely priceless!!..

So I admit, there are some girls who loves going over-the-board..but really.. its sad to see how love is overrated these days.. the body plays a bigger part..than the heart.. The bed becomes the home the build in...

Call me weird, old-fashioned or what-so-ever!! ... Love is called love..when you respect, understand and trust one another. Of cause, the songs, poems, flirts, romance supports it.. but the core of sealed deeply in the heart..

Ceehhwaaahh... I should be a love guru!! ...and meanwhile my love life is non-existence!!..LOL.. way to go Juan!!

I shall climb my chamber now!..

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


"When you're not around I'm a piece of me is missing.. Somehow I find the faith to make it through.. when I'm with you.."

Ok so I dislike hearing my voice.. or even talking to others!!..ishh.. till when am I gonna be like this..=(( yikesss..!!

Well..its a Tuesday.. Did I mention that I hate Tuesdays?? no?? ...Yes I hate Mondays and Tuesdays..!! And most heart-heartbreakingly.. the connection in UCSI sucks big time!!.. really..its slower than a tortoise!!..ish..

Sigghh.. so what am I to blog about??.. assignments??.. nahhhh.. Surprisingly, I'm almost done.. I repeat..A-L-M-O-S-T.. or maybe about how D-E-P-R-E-S-S-I-N-G my life is.. or or..about R-E-L-A-T-I-O-N-S-H-I-P-S maybe??.. errr..nahhh... sorry, I want to make my blog more interesting by adding the "-" hehehe..ok lame-o!!!

Lets talk about something new.. about ME!! ..hehehe.. yeah big time new..

well, really there is some stuffs..that you dont know about me.. Like this..
  • I am very very extremely sensitive.. *ask my sis~~* ... she can tell you 10001 stories..
  • I can get hurt damm easily..But really..I wouldn't be mad at you.. I wouldn't ask you why.. I would accept it as it is.. I don't know why..=( maybe because..I believe there is a reason why..
  • I love to argue.. I love it when I have someone to argue with..
  • I love hearing too.. hearing how was your day with that "cute" guy!! or.. the most embarrassing thing you ever did..
  • I love crapping.. and yes.. I love it when you crap too!..
  • I talk in between the lines too.. its up to you're going to read it..;p ;p
  • One thing I can't tolerate..are lies.. I think everyone..can't tolerate this..
  • I can't get along with "SHOW-OFFS" ...
Ok..actually got a lot more.. but Sam is here already.. we have a "date" in secret recipe.. todays lunch is pure, chocolate cream cake!!.. who cares bout the pounds I might put on.. Food comes first!!..=))

and have a nice day!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Because I can't say what I want to say..

Siigghh.. yes she still sounds like a toad.. now I only need a kiss.. Then I can be a princess!! ....weeee!! or turn that person who kissed me..into a frog as well.. hehe.. Ok that was lame..

Forgive me...I'm trying to make my life not-so-miserable..=)
Well, I have nothing much to say.. oh wait.. I lost my touch n' go card again!!!!!.. hhaaiizzz.. really, I don't know what else to do.. "why does this keep happening to me??" ..I'm tired of asking this question.. and this time I have to handle it by my mom would probably disown me..if I told her..siigghh.. guess its another trip to KL sentral's touch n' go office..

So lets talk about something intelligent..or maybe not.. I can't think of anything intelligent now.. hmm..have you ever losing your mind? ..nahh.. Only I have the tendency to feel like that..

Why only I have the tendency to loose my mind..?
  • Because I sound like a toad..
  • Because instead of going to kajang..I ended up in KLIA..;(((
  • Because I lost my touch n' go TWICE!! ..the funny thing is..I keep on reminding myself.."keep your touch n' go card properly, you cant loose it again!!" ..pffttt!
  • Because I want to watch BEAUTY AND THE BEAST AGAIN!!
  • Because my mom asked me.."Juan, what type of cod liver oil you want??..the tablet or the syrup??" ...And I can't choose!!!..=(((
  • Because I find the golden-retriever in Shah Alam, near the kindergarten we visited..absolutely handsome!!..=)
  • Because I've never craved for durian..this much before!!...I WANNT!! ..=((
  • Because I really really want to watch TOY STORY 3, SEX AND THE CITY 2 and INCEPTION!!! ..really, I don't mind skipping classes..;p ;p
  • Because I enjoyed the wind sooo much..that I refuse to leave the overhead bridge near my house today..
  • Because I find my black hair.. unusually sexy.. and its almost as shiny as the "black beauty" the horse..=)
  • Because I think I should say what I need to say.. but then if you runaway means how?
  • Because I can't say anything else... I promised myself.
So much for being intelligent...


The wise words of John Mayer..
Have no fear for giving in..
Have no fear for giving over..
You better know that in the end..
Its better to say too much..
Than never to say..what you need to say again..

Even if your hands are shaking..
And your faith is broken..
Even as the eyes are closing..
Do it with a heart wide open..
A wide heart..

Say what you need to say...

Friday, July 16, 2010

The last fairytale..

"Croak.. croo-acckk!!" No, normally I do not sound like that.. but well, the throat hurts..and the "toad" takes it all...=(( ...I shall get back my voice sooooon.. I hope so... I have to.. ssiigghh.. I can't sing with this voice.. I mean not to say..I can sing with my normal voice.. but well, I got to practice for 7th of AUGUST!!..=)

Anyway, lets leave toad and 7th of August aside first...

Since, I do not have classes on Friday, I was on my knees..up my toes.. searching for a movie to watch.. ransacked the dvd drawer.. went through every files in my PC..ssiiigghhh.. I'd probably watched every movie 5 times each k!..=(((( ..and my "dear John" taking so long to downloaddd...

So I checked through my computer table..I saw "a cinderella story" ...Nope, Hillary Duff's voice was toooo erm.. Chad Michael Murray was beyond words though.. hehe... then my eyes caught something else.. "aahh...Bernadette's CD'S!!!" ...there were "Barbie and the 3 musketeers, Barbie and the Christmas carols, Cinderella 3...*didnt know the had part 3*...and the last CD caught my attention...

My mom read me all the fairy tales in the was one of her ways to get us to eat and to sleep when I was 6 I think..hehe.. Cinderella, snow white, sleeping beauty, Rapunzel, little red riding name it..and I still remember every one of it.. hehe.. except for one.. the very last one..which my mom skipped, maybe she didnt know the story.. but it turns out to be the most beautiful of all....=)))

"Beauty and the beast..." ...Yes, I've heard about it.. heard the song by celine dion..but never really knew the story.. which is a real hmmmm..real waste to figure it out after 20 years!!..ish.. But well, better late than ...

Beauty and the beast.. hmmm.. where shall I start.. ok lets get real.. so there has to be this one dream guy in every girl's life who is supposedly the "prince charming and knight in shinning armour.." ..and please don't deny it... I can be the perfect example.. "aahh there he is..on his white horse.." ..but for my case, it has to be the harley davidson..;p ;p

My point is who'd ever though about the "beast"...about that paws and claws ...or that wild hair..and sharp teeth.. in other words.. no one ever of dreamnt someone "ugly" to be their "prince charming.." .. and to finish the picture, this someone is one heck of a heartless, harsh, cruel, hot-tempered soul..

But then again, no matter how hard and cruel that soul is.. when you show a little kindness and care.. it breaks through all defenses.. the "hard" heart melts.. it opens a path, to allow that "kindness" to take over.. that person changes completely...

Yes, here's the part where you go..."awwwwwhhh!!" ...LOL.. they fell in love.. beneath that claws, wild hair, sharp teeth...lies a lonely soul that is begging to be loved in the most tender way.. and thats what she gave him.. she didn't care about the "beast" appearance... she loved the heart he holds.. the look in his eyes.. the kindness in his voice..

And when one loves another completely, he can't see her get hurt.. so he let her go.. let her free.. ssiigghhh... Ok I teared at this part!..=(((((, there weren't any magical words whispered.. just simple and plain ones.. but when the simple and plain words are said in the most sincere and meaningful way.. in touches me the most!!..=))) ..SINCERITY RULES!! ...

After that it was fairy tale la..hehe..I'm sure you know the ending.. but well, it's a beautiful way to say it to little children huh??..
That when you love.. you love the heart, not the face..
That when you show a little kindness, you can make a difference!!
And thats the two most valuable lessons in this world.. if you ask me..

And whoever says fairy tales and cartoons are for little kids.. I think you're missing one of the most beautiful essence of life..

Tale as old as time
True as it can be
Barely even friends
Then somebody bends

Just a little change
Small, to say the least
Both a little scared
Neither one prepared
Beauty and the Beast

Ever just the same
Ever a surprise
Ever as before
Ever just as sure
As the sun will rise

Tale as old as time
Tune as old as song
Bittersweet and strange
Finding you can change
Learning you were wrong

Certain as the sun
Rising in the east
Tale as old as time
Song as old as rhyme
Beauty and the beast.

P/s In this life, we cannot do great things.. we can only do small things with great love.. ~Mother Theresa~

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ok this is not really my work.. but since Lukesh asked me so sweetly.. no wait!..actually he didn't ..Lol..and since I'm such a NICE, SWEET, AMAZING friend.. I'll do him a favour and post this up!!.. Take a look bloggers!!..its kinda interesting.. you get paid, working online!!..hehehe

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Well You Need To Check Out
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Cool huh??..hehe..
Anyway.. have a nice day!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

To-do and done!

Things I did today:
  • Talked to Sukbir about some stuff.. though it wasn't completed.. manage to clear my mind a bit!!.. =)
  • Had a good laugh in psychology class with Yamunah and Shangery!!.. They were hysterical when they saw my goosebumps!!.. lol..its not my fault, I'm extremely sensitive to low temperature!!..
  • Had a fruitful lunch talking about our childhood memories with sheena, sam and kabi!!.. Laughed a lil bit too much to.. when we found out that all of us experienced the same thing!!..hehe
  • Watched half of "state of play"... quite interesting.. but I tersleep off.. thanks to last night's game..=((
  • Missed the usual train.. took the next train.. Wasn't able to enter the ladies coach.. Caught two hindi guys giving a cock stare at me..saying.."ladkhi acha khoobsurat" ...messaged pinky for the meaning.. she says.."CANTIK!!!" ..I floated in the air for a while.. at least someone finds my pale face and wild hair attractive..hehe.. Came back down to earth.. Took the bus back home..
  • Suppose to study for wednesdays mid term.. but was buzy bonding with the sister..
  • Blogged for the second time!!..ish.. this is bad.. I blogged a lil too much when I'm out of my mind..=(((
Thing I havent done yet..
  • Study..
  • Photography still hanging..
  • Journalism editing badly needed..since I'm the so-called "editor in chief" ..;p ;p
  • Psychology assignment..
  • Practice singing for granny's party..=((((( *I'm dead you know!!*
  • Sleep..
  • Get you out of my mind..
Good..I manage to balance up things-to-do and things-done!!.. lol..

K thats it!!..

Good nite!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

And I hate mondays!!


hehehe.. translated.."its very nice to see you reading my blog today" ...=) and its monday!!.. don't you just haaattee mondays???

Surprisingly, I learned something important today in study skills class for the first time ever.. it may sound lame.. but really.. it opened my eyes..

When you read.. these questions are very important..

Which can really really deciding whether what you read is true or not.. take the STAR paper for example.. which journalist wrote it?... why did she write in such manner..?? is really for the people or the government..??

Moral of the story.. Don't believe whatever you read.. including mine..=) .. and of cause..minus the part where I crap a lot..I do have a purpose for writing every single post..=) and till now.. No one dared to ask.. for whom are my so-called poems meant for..=))

Well anyway.. I have a big problem!! ..I NEED A FREAKING CAMERA!!! ..=(( Mine is no more of use already.. I need to get at least a B for my basic photography in order to keep my CGPA constant!!.. ssiigghhh... anyone with a kind soul out there willing to lend me one??.. despite my careless-ness, I promise I'll take good care of it.. though that wasnt a plus point.. but really I'll guard it with my life if I have too..=') *A crying smile* ...

I have an event in create a story.. now if only I had a camera..and permission from my parents.. with God's grace of cause... a miracle can be created!!

Before that..did I mention I totally absolutely haattee mondays??!!.. ssiigghh..
and and..Well done SPAIN!!! made your fans proud!!.. Good job to the Dutchs too.. for giving them a good fight.. but wow.. they were literally wacking each other la k!!..heheheh..

and thats it for my lame post.. I have a class in 10 mins.. and it takes me about 15 mins to get up the stairs.. why do they love bulding universities on the hills??..issh.. well look at the brighter sight..I get to burn some callories!!.. ;p ;p

lOl.. I'm done crapping!!

you have a nice day k??

Immortal memories

Darkness cuddles the earth..
The wind breathes in..
A whole new fragrance..
The moon determined..
To conquer the sky..
Leaving the stars..
Twinkling all around it..

A day has come to an end..
The laughters are left behind..
The tears are wiped away..
The memories sealed deep within..

Brightness shows its power..
The sun claims the sky..
The clouds create smiles..
The morning breeze seeps in..
Flowers bloom magnificently..
Flooding the earth with joy..

A new day has begun..
A new path is set forth..
New memories are created..
Hoping the same mistakes..
Will not be repeated..

Some memories though..
Remained sealed..
For fear..
The joy will be ripped..
The laughter will be stolen..

But thats what they are..
Memories of love..
Memories of smiles..
Memories of pain..
Memories of tears..
Immortal memories..

"Bila yang tertulis untukmu..adalah yang terbaik untukku.. kan kujadikan kau kenangan yang terindah dalam hidupku.. Namun takkan mudah bagiku..meninggalkan jejak hidupku ..yang telah terukir abadi.. sebagai kenangan yang terindah.."

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I wish I never met you..

So once in a while I feel Ok not that I am not one.. Just sometimes you feel like.."eehhwww I need to get a life!" know.. like erm.. like...aahh..nevermind.. I'm just crapping.. and beneath all this madness she hid herself from..lies a heart that values love at its very best..

I wished I never met you..
But I did..
With God's grace..
I really did..

A knight in shinning armour..
Or a half-naked werewolf..
You weren't even close..
Infact, you barely knew how to flirt!..

But there's something about you..
That no one has it..
Something about your eyes..
Or it could be that dimple..
Maybe that voice..
I have no clue..
Everything about you..
Has a meaning beneath it..

Day and night..
I try to solve this mystery..
Try to find answers..
A logic beneath this insanity..

Why do I have weak knees around you..?
Why does my heart beat your name??
Why do I feel like stranger to myself..
When you're not around..

But when you're there..
Everything seems different..
I feel weird..
I feel shivers through my veins..
I feel my hands tremble..
I feel complete..

So maybe it would be nice..
To lie in your shoulders..
To hear you whisper in my ears
To hold your hand
While we walk down the aisle..

You're not perfect..
Not at all..
But you seem to fit in..
Right where I belong..

And When you're in love..
Every logic you have..
Goes down the drain..

And right at this very moment, I realize.. "wake up Juan!!" ...its time to go prepare your lessons for tomorrow!!...=)


"And I'm gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket.. but I gotta get a move on with my life.. its time to be a big girl now.." I feel like a love-struck dumb teen all over again!!..heheheh..;p ;p So how was my night??.. hmm..It was one of the best I had so far.. A candle light dinner for two..with the violinist playing.."you look wonderful tonight" by Eric Clapton.. dining with fine food and of cause champagne.. in my golden-green dress, which I haven't worn in ages.. accompanied by the most gorgeous man alive...=D!!

Ok...I made that up again..hehe.. I know, been making up so much stories lately.. but that will be one of the nights..which I am GOING to have.. oh yes I will!!..=D so practically I didn't really make up any stories..hehe..

So anyway.. what exactly happened last night.. I went for the Eclipse midnight show with the HFC youths in Jusco Cheras!!.. Since we were an hour early.. we decided to go for KARAOKE!! We sang our hearts out la k!!.. We rocked on beyonce's ~All the single ladies~ ..and Gwen Stephanies~4 in the morning!!~ ...After that.. phewww.. I felt soo.. erm.. sooo content.. especially after the westlife song..~But if I let you go~ ..been ages wei.. I think I was about 7 or 8 when they released that song..hehe..

Well..anyway after karaoke-ing.. it was time to meet HIM!!...I just couldn't help smiling k..My jaw started aching after that.. So when the movie started.. it was alright at the beginning.. Edward's side burn was a bit out.. gorgeous height though.. and of cause.. from no where.. there HE was.. I swear I was that close to jumping out of my seat and shouting.."WEEEEEEE" ....but of cause.. I had to keep on reminding my mind.. to control myself.. or else I'm gonna get thrown out of the cinema.. and I would miss my chance to be with him..;p ;p But goodness gracious.. He was every way he is.. maybe he has cat's eyes... but well.. his 8 PACK!!! ...wwwwoooww... Edward shouldn't even bother taking out his shirt la k!! ..heheheh..

So maybe some thinks TWILIGHT series is pure bullshit.. but really, if at all you manage to read the books.. I give credits to STEPHANIE MEYER!! ...she really set the bar high up..for the guys.. Its exactly like what every..I repeat..EVERY girl wants.. and no..I'm not talking about vampires or werewolves.. but the human part of these myth creatures.. its indescribable.. and apparently, I've never met such person.. If I did.. I dare say, I will make the first move..=) yes you heard that right...hehehe

And after reading this post.. you might think.."aahh poor girl.. she lives is another world.." ..hahahaha.. I beg to differ.. I'm not creating something that does not exist.. I'm not indulging in fantasy.. neither am I living in another world..

My point is..
Yes these are myths..and actors.. Non of them are real..I am very much aware of this..but sometimes..when you're darn sick of how the world works.. of how cold some people can act.. how heartless, more like it.. Twilight is like a entertainment..You enter a world that values love higher than gold, not something cheap that can be replaced.. It speaks of loyalty..on how to cherish that very someone..and that it would simple tear that person see his other half getting hurt.. where the "playing with feelings" part ..does not and will not exist. And indeed..the worst thing a guy could to let a woman fall in love..when he doesn't intend to catch her..hehehe.. Forgive me, I simply can't understand how one has the heart to let that happen.. be it guy or girl.. Why trigger her if she's not the one you wanted??..and thats exactly the kinda world we life in.. and its nice to get out once in a while..

So you see...if you still think twilight is nonsense.. well.. I think Iron man, transformers or terminator is out of the question..hehe

And so maybe, I'm not destined to experience love in reality.. lol.. but no harm in experiencing love in fantasy i guess..

Have a nice day peeps!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

How did I fall in love with you..

And this song is still haunting me..

Remember when, we never needed each other..
The best of friends like
Sister and Brother
We understood, we'd never be,

Those days are gone, and I want you so much
The night is long and I need your touch
Don't know what to say
I never meant to feel this way
Don't want to be
Alone tonight

What can I do, to make you mine
Falling so hard so fast this time
What did I say, what did you do?
How did I fall in love with you?

I hear your voice
And I start to tremble
Brings back the child that, I resemble

I cannot pretend, that we can still be friends
Don't want to be,
Alone tonight

What can I do, to make you mine
Falling so hard so fast this time
What did I say, what did you do?
How did I fall in love with you?

Oh I want to say this right
And it has to be tonight
Just need you to know, oh yeah

I don't want to live this life
I don't want to say goodbye
With you I wanna spend
The rest of my life

What can I do, to make you mine
Falling so hard so fast this time
What did I say, what did you do?
How did I fall in love with you?

What can I do, to make you mine
Falling so hard so fast this time
Everything's changed, we never knew

How did I fall,
in love ,
with you?

And tonight its the night..been waiting for!!.. weeeee!!

You captured my heart
Like no one else..
You became the answer to my prayers..
No one else did..
You vowed your love beneath the moonlight..
No one else dared..
You replaced my heart with yours..
No one ever knew it was broken..

And tonight... I don't care what the world wants.. Clearly I want you..and only you!! =))))

Will let you know how it went..alrite??...=)

Because life is really pure nonsense..

"Hand me the world on a silver platter..And what good would it be?..With no one to share..With no one who truly cares for me"

So my mission was completed yesterday.. I can now die in peace..=)

Whats my mission about?..erm someday when I'm in the mood to talk about it..I will.. But now lets talk about life.. though thats what I always do.. but yeah life.. I find it very interesting.. don't you??...They say, "Sh!t happens...but life still goes on"... Ok I'm lying.. I think its nonsense..;p ;p..

And yesterday I realize.. so there is this certain incident that could tear you apart.. leave you wounded.. and the scar, it may may not.. and you question and question.."Lord, seriously do you even exist? ..Where in the world are you?.." and then you have no choice.. but to go on with this life as usual.. like nothing ever happened.. they ask you.."Juan, are you alright.." simply say.."Don't worry, I'll be fine.." ..though you know.. you're never close to the word "fine" ..Then, they ask you what happen.. You want to talk.. But you simply can't.. because the last thing you want to hear are "words of judgement" ..only the closest of closest of your friends know..

You continue with your daily routine..and you sense some weird changes too.. People start treating you differently.. Maybe it could be associated with the word.."pity" ...You want to scream.."Excuse me!! I'm a big girl now..and big girls don't cry..I know..and really you can save a lot of time, by not wearing that mask.." ...but being me.. like I have the guts to say that.. So you keep up with their weirdness.. "aahh nevermind..its keeps me company too.."..

And wonder.. "will life, treat me normal again.." ...and no matter how big the problem matter how much you want give up.. theres this tiny voice in you saying.."God will take care of it.."

So finally, you just have that.."Really, I don't give a damm anymore.." kinda feeling .. whatever happens happens..

And life goes on... just like that.. till you find something else that could replace it.. and then once you do.. you'll be that little girl all over again.. but then sooner or later.. that same "sh!t" happens... you just laugh to yourself.. and only hope to be stronger.. when it happens..

Lol..seee I told you.. ITS NONSENSE!!..heheheh..lastly..

Lonely the path you have chosen..
A restless road.. no turning back..
One day you will find your light again..
Don't you know..
Don't let go..
Be strong..

Follow your heart..
Let your love lead through the darkness..
Back to a place you once knew..
I believe I believe I believe in you..
Follow your dreams..
Be yourself an angel of kindness..
There's nothing that you cannot do..
I believe I believe I believe in you..

I think this song is brilliant!!.. go listen!!..I BELIEVE-Celine Dion & Il Divo..=)

Ok..I'm halfway finishing my 16 episodes of desperate housewifes.. hehehe.. I didnt know I had them in my pc..its not that I'm lifeless just wanna kill time..=)

C ya then!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Paul the octopus

hhHHh...forgive me.. I had to blog again!!.. it just hit me!.. Can you believe the world??.. just cause some lame OCTOPUS chose SPAIN!! ...and that they're going to the finals.. and suddenly everyone is all over SPAIN..

Well, a team should win because they're good.. because they deserve it.. because they worked hard for it.. not because some lame octopus guys choose the team!!..goodness gracious..
sometimes.. the world is totally irrational!!

And Paul the Octopus becomes famous cause of his prediction..??.. And they say I live in a fantasy world..heheheheeh..

Later at night, we'll talk more k??..

Sotong Spain

So I've been wondering.. who in the world is PAUL THE OCTOPUS??.. why is everyones status about the OCTOPUS?? why do they always call "spain sotong??" .. octopus and squirt.. eehhwww.. and this is the finalist for World Cup..hehehe..

So anyway.. there goes German!!.. they played well.. but not good enough.. and as much as I hate saying this.. Spain was excellent on the field!! ..very very excellent.. and matter how much I try to resist.. David Villa.. probably is every woman's dream!!..=)

But still..NO SPAIN for me!!.. and excuse me!.. its not that I'm not loyal to one team.. if they were still alive in world cup..I'm all out for that team!!.. since they're not..its time to move on!!..but I am against Spain all the way.. and thats how it will stay..=) ..

Ok I have my bible class in approximately 1 hour.. I have to read 10 chapters of Leviticus.. lol.. wish me luck!..


Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Its 8.30am..and my first presentation starts at 9.30!!! ...ssiighhh.. what am I doing here I have no idea... wanted to release tension kut.. and everyone keep on saying "You'll do fine.."

.but but what if I don't?.. what if I trip and fall while presenting..? I can't trust my shoess.. Nisha has the same shoes.. and it betrayed her.. and what about mine??.. God, I could just die out of embarrassment.. and if I fall, will my pants tear??..Oh myyy..that's why I hate wearing formal!!.. all kinds of nonsense will happen.. I'd never wanna imagine.. and and.. If I throw up in front?? me, I really have the tendency k..when I'm too nervous.. my stomach will start turning.. all I could do.. pray and wish.. I can get to the toilet on time..and what if I forget what I wanna say.. will they laugh at me??..

Sigh..the torture of presenting.. especially when you're me!!.. Hope I don't screw up.. and if I do.. pleasee take care of it Lord!!..Amen!!..

Gtg now..c ya later!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

total waste!

"It's where the stars line up.. it where's the oceans touch.. its where you give your all..and maybe a little more.."

I just wanna say this post is going to be a total waste!! ..cause I'm not in the mood to blog.. I'm having that "something is wrong somewhere kinda feeling" .. or maybe I didn't blog yesterday.. so thats why I'm feeling..or or..maybe I'm going to blog..hence the feeling intrudes..=(( and no..I'm not crapping.. I'm just expressing my feeling..

Whatever is it...I dislike it!..=(

So how has your day been? As bad as mine?.. or did you just have the most perfect day of your life??.. Mine is obviously out of the question..=(.. until Pinky and Yamunah started wondering..and even tried how I photography class today.. of cause they failed!! hehehe..I was very much amazed..cause apparently, only I had that special "talent" ..hehe..and somehow that small square foldable table seems so comfortable the moment I lay my head on it..=) and excuse me.. I only slept at 3 and got up at 5!! ... what you expect?? Though its completely my fault for doing things last minute.. still at least there is one thing I'm good at.. sleeping..=))

And did I mention..I almost *God-forbid* ..lost my hp again yesterday!! ...ssiigghh.. and yes you've never..and never will find someone as careless as me..=( ..Shanti, my cousin and I took the cab back home from the station.. and I left my hp in the taxi!! ...When I realized my hp wasnt with me..I ran after it like a mad girl.. till this old indian guy on his bike dared enough to ask.."why are you running" ...I was so frustrated I wanted to yell.."When is the last you looked at the mirror??!!" ...ok.. I just made that up... but really.. I just gave him a cock stare.. and made my way to the taxi.. and my heart felt into pieces when the taxi fellow said.."it aint here" ...I swear I wanted to burst.. =(..can't my life get anymore harder?? ... then the most beautiful thing happen!!..My cousin kept it for me!..phheww.. PTL!! .. and I realize life can bring you down many many times.. and at that moment..where you feel totally and completely helpless..just breathe in.."Jesus, Help me!!" ..and there..everything falls back in place..=)

OMG..I forgot the most important news..did i mention that I have a job???...weeeeeeeee! ...Ok not really..but she took down my number!!..A job to teach english for secondary this centre.. and its part time..every weekend!! I couldn't believe my ears k! getting gold from heaven!!.. Earning extra compared to what my parents give me a so sooooo heheh..AWESOME!!..

Ok, so I warned you..this post is a total waste..


Monday, July 5, 2010

Because I really really want to be a kid again!

And today I proved myself..I am proud to be a woman!!..=) If a guy can score only a goal..after years of practice.. well a girl can score numerous goals..though she never kicked a ball before in her whole life!!..;p ;p ;p..

Lol ...ok I was exaggerating..but I can't help it since I scored most of the goals in today's futsal!.. hehehe.. so maybe they were just giving us girls chance.. but too bad la k... that's not how life works.. grab all the chance you can get..cause you may never get it again..=)

And I think the "cuteness" runs in the family.. hehe.. seriously, my 6 year old cousin Bernadette can really be annoying at times..but goshh.. she can melt even the most irritated person's heart just by her innocence and smile...=)

I was suppose to put her to sleep last night.. but mom volunteered since she knows how badly I wanted to Germany and Argentina's match.. lol.. I practically rushed my family by 9.30pm from the function in PJ just to get back in time to watch the match.. and weeeeeeee GERMANY!! .. I knew the "black" jersey was too sexy to loose..hehe.. Go kick Spain right in the middle k??..=))

But then.. bernadette wanted me instead of my mom to come and sleep with her.. lol.. somehow she appreciates it very much when I'm in my "childish" mood..;p ;p

With her sweet smile..and oh so big and gorgeous eyes..with the longest eye lashes I've ever seen.. she looks like Cinderella la k..hehehe.. she said this.."You come and sleep with me.. then when I sleep already.. you come and watch TV..can??"

tell me.. how can I not come and sleep with her??..I melter right away la k.. and well..when Bernadette sleeps... she'll come as close as she can so that you can hug her... hehe.. cute and sweet..cause her skin is soft as a baby..and she smells good!! but when she gets too close.. you wouldn't have any space left.. lol.. and off the bed I went..well almost..=) and then I sang her like about 5 songs.. she was still wide awake..

And of cause..instead of putting her to sleep..I dozed off..almost falling into a deep sleep when she said.."Juan, I cannot sleep.." ...and I said "Just clear your eyesand don't think of surely you will fall sleep"and she was like.."hmm..can we pray so that I will sleep early?" .. waaaahhh.. I was amazed la k!!..

Well the prayer worked for me.. I slept like I never sleep before..till bernadette woke me up again.. lol.. Her leg was on my stomach.. hmm.. she reminds me of someone when she sleeps.. Me..!!..hehe.. but now no more la.. already insaf .. learnt to stay still when sleeping.. don't know how.. lol.. and I got up feeling disappointed cause I missed the MATCH!!..grrrr

Well anyway..sorry for the boring post.. siighhh.. I just wished I was her.. where scratched knees heals faster compared to a broken heart..=)

Have a nice day!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Brazilians play..

And just like that..Brazil is out.. ok maybe not just like that.. but sigh.. 6 times in a row!!.. hhaaiizz nevermind.. minus the part where FELIPE stepped the poor 'orange' guy's leg.. they're still the best.. and they will remain the best..=))

And now I have to choose a new team to support.. I think I'll probably go for GHANA.. well, you have to expect the unexpected rite??..heheh.. Germany is kinda cool though.. definitely not SPAIN!! ..hehehe.. no particular reason.. I think they have much supporters already..

Anyway.. interesting huh how life works??.. where you expect something so much from a team.. or well from someone.. and then they lead you down the drain... knowing the decision is final..and that you can't do anything to change it back.. you just have to move on ..and find some other oppurtunites..

But then.. what if the team..or that someone plays dirty.. like FELIPE!! .. you just can't believe it can you??.. like like.."OMG..the team I trusted the most..or the is that even possible??.." a dream you had..and you just woke up.. so I played their game..but they didn't tell me the rules!!..You run back that chapter on and on again.."why exactly did you choose that team" ...ahh.. cause they're the best.. you know no can be as perfect as them.. but now that they had played dirty.. what difference than..does it make with the other team?? ssiigghh..

But then the memories lie deep between.. more like its been tattooed.. the ink is permanent..but you just painted the wrong picture!!. so how now??.. any magical eraser??.. any delete button??.. any strong detergent?? ...sigghhh..

I have only one answer.. He said: "I alone know the plans I have for you.. Plans to prosper..and not to harm you.. Plans to bring you about the future you hope for.." ..So maybe I was wrong this time.. but I know one thing.. the will of God will never take you..where the grace of God will not protect you.. Whatever happened its because.. He has it all planned.. I just need to trust.. to fall freely..knowing he will catch me..never letting anyone to harm me.. and of cause..never expect anything... whatever happens..happens..

Lol.. wow.. trust me..I don't know how I came up with that by relating it to football ... guess its just me..=))

have a nice day..=))

Thursday, July 1, 2010

My dear friend, Maureen Alma

"Sometimes love comes around..and it knocks you down..just get back up..when it knocks you down.."

And so I thought the unfairness done to me was unbearable..but as usual.. I was wrong.. always been wrong.. anyway this post is not about me.. or my nonsense..

I'm gonna dedicate this post to someone very very dear to me.. I never thought I had to.. Thought she'd be forever in Kajang.. forever by my side and we could go through life we always did.. Ok so maybe it sounds like I'm in a relationship with her..and thats what we tell everyone..especially Pam, just to irratate her..;p ;p.. but seriously, if I am a guy..I surely wouldn't hesitate to ask her out.. She's perfect in every way she is..The kinda girl who could be a naughty 5 year old pest and the most loving mother.. all at the same time..

If I could nominate her for 'sainthood'..I will.. ...sigh..

So she called me on Wednesday.. saying she has 2 news.. Well, I jumped at the first news.. could hear wedding bells ringing all..;p ;p.. I wasn't suppose to say that..but I couldn't be bothered!!.. This woman deserves it more than anyone else..=).. When she told me about the 2nd news... I swear I was ready to run all the way to Bangi with an axe in my hand.. on why she made such decision in a hurry!!..=((((( ,,She's leaving to Sabah this Saturday for her studies!!..ssiighhh.. Why Lord??..Why do you always love tearing me apart..from the ones I treasure the most??..=(((

Then last night.. we talked for hours!!.. and well.. I wish I had her courage.. If I was in her position..sigh.. I don't know what I'd do.. She's way stronger than I am.. the struggles she face.. are no where close to mine.. and I'm the one whos emo-ing all this while!!..

To me dearest friend, Maureen Alma..more like my very own sister..
The one who lend me a shoulder to lean on..
Who gave me her 'full time' ears..patiently listened to my nonsense..
Who never said "no" ..even if it does no good to her..
Who is willing to give me her heart..when mine was broken..
Who believed in me..when no one else did..
Who put some sense in me..when I lost it all..
Who dared enough to say it straight to my face.."Juan, he aint worth it.."
Who is going to be an ocean apart from me..

I wanna say.. that I thank God for sending me you.. You've been the most wonderful friend I ever had.. I couldn't ask for anyone better.. and we didnt even get to go to Little sisters of the poor again!!..=(( ..All the sisters there are gonna be very sad you know??..=(( But remember wherever you go.. He did not promise that life will be easy.. but He did promise to be every step we take.. Should you walk in the valley of darkness, fear not any evil, my friend!!=))

And your aint stopping me from going to airport to send you k??.. I'm coming, that's final!!..=))

Love you loadddsss ALMA!!..muaxxxx..