Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last survey

Some 2009-2010 survey.. the last one..for this year!!..heheh

1. What did you do in 2009 that you'd never done before?
~ Quite a lot..hehe.. but the best one should be..leading praise and worship!!..=)

2. Did you keep your New Year's resolutions and will you make more for next year?
~ yeah!!..hehe..i forgot what is it..and NOPE!! not gonna make any..for next

3. Did anyone close to you give birth?
~ Yes!! cousin nelly.. she has a new baby boy!!..weeeeeeee!!! i'm a proud aunt!!..hehe

4. Did anyone close to you die?
~this year...nope..

5. What was the best experience you had?
~ falling in love with Jesus in the youth leadership camp!!..=)

6. What would you like to have in 2010 that you lacked in 2009?
~ Love..hehehe

7. Fell in love?
~ kind ok..i did!!..=)

8. What was your biggest achievement of the year?
~ Erm...playing the guitar for

9. What was your biggest failure?
~ Falling deeply in a short period of time..hehe

10. Did you suffer illness or injury?
~Chicken pox!!..hehe

11. What was the best thing you bought?
~My sad least i bought it with my own saved money k..hehe..

12. Who do you think admires how you are in 2009?
~ hahahahaha...i dont think anyone does.. like i said..2009 aint my year..hehe

13. Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed?
~ hmmm.. i have no intention in mentioning anyone's name..=)

14. Where did most of your money go?
~ MOVIES!!..haiz..

15. What did you get really, really, really excited about?
~ hahahaha...having a bf.. i

16. What songs will always remind you of 2009?
~ a really a lot.. cant really list it..=)

17. Compared to this time last year, are you:

i) happier or sadder?

ii) thinner or fatter?
~ fatter!!..sheesh..

iii) richer or poorer?
~ difference..hehe

18. What do you wish you'd done more of?
~ praying..studying..

19. What do you wish you'd done less of?
~facebooking..onlining..messaging..eating.. dont even mention

20. How will you be starting 2010?
~ church..=)

22. Did you fall in love with the opposite sex this year?
~ yeah...

23. How many one night stands?
~ eehhww..who you think i am??

24. What were your favorite TV programs?
~ NANNY, The biggest loser..=)

25. Do you hate anyone now that you didn't hate this time last year?
~ nope..=)

26. What was the best book you read?
~I have to say..its the TWILIGHT SAGA!!..hehe

27. What was your greatest discovery?
~ Love and

28. What did you want and get?
~ erm..a life..hehehe

29. What did you want and not get?
~ thats a lot.. lol..ipod, a new judith mcnaught story book, a new badminton.. and the list goes on lol...

30. What was your favorite film of this year?

31. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?
~ erm...19.. gosh..i forgot what i know i was with my family.. oh yeah..went out for dinner.. nothing special

32. What one thing made your year immeasurably more satisfying?
~ Jesus!!..

33. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2009?
~ hahaaha.. erm.. stil casual..just the way i like it.. drop the skirt and heels.. lol..not really my type..hehe

34. What kept you sane?
~ hahahaha..u kidding me??.. currently!!

35. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?
~ TAYLOR LAUTNER!!..awwhh..i miss my

36. What political issue stirred you the most?
~ A lot.. i think its pretty screwed up!!..

37. Who did you miss?
~ who??.. my high school mates!!..all of them!!

38. Who was the best new person you met this year?
~ erm...HFC'c new youth group!!..hehehe..and UTAR-IANS!!

39. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2009:
~ may not go the way we want it.. but then again..thats what makes life an adventure..thats worth going through.. for I know..something BIG is heading my way..=)

40. 2009 … could have been better.. but hey..2010!! out!!...I;m coming for you!!

have a nice new year!!..=)


You know whats the worst part of leaving your blog unattended for a week??!! .. you miss a whole bunch of things on other people's blog!!.. and it's pretty frustrating.. ok..VERY frustrating!!.. as it is..I'm halfway blurr.. and when I read their blogs..I'm like.. "when did this happen??" and these people only will write long posts..hehehe.. no hard feelings.. i know mine can be unexpectionally loooonnnggg sometimes..hehe...

Anyway..i watched Alvin and the chipmunk..AGAIN!! I dont know..why in the world am I spending to watch.."watched" movies in cinemas...sigh..dont remind me about NEW MOON..36 bucks wei!!.. yikes..oh the way.. i finish reading BREAKING DAWN!! ..hehe.. it was okla.. full of fantasy.. full of adventure.. but one thing i the LOVE FOR FAMILY..=)

So its new year's eve.. I'm not gonna set any resolutions.. clearly i tend to forget the end of the year.. hehe.. Neither am I gonna recall any.. 2009 is sooo not my year.. being 19.. makes no difference.. I still look the same.. maybe put on a couple of weight.. don't start with my height.. I think i can match "ELEANOR" from chippetes in "Alvin and the chipmunks" nahh.. i agree..she's way moreeee cuter..hehe..

2010.. I'm 20.. OMG.. TWENTY!!..T-W-E-N-T-Y.. can you believe it??.. i thought i just finished school.. but 20 is a bit over.. i mean.. no more TEEN?? argh.. but I enjoyed being a teenager!! .. I do.. i did..hmmm.. it can't be that bad can it??.. probably i need to cut some of those kids stuff.. hehe.. like cartoons.. games.. lazying around.. boys.. hahahaha.."like thats gonna happen" .. so what if your a year older??..that doesnt mean you have change..does it..??

So lets start all over.. 2010... how bad can it be??.. it could be better than 2009.. or worse.. but whatever is it..I'm still alive.. with the perfect heartbeat.. the air in my lungs.. family and friends.. everyone in perfect health..well almost.. so its a perfect time to be grateful huh?? .. So lets start..

Dear Lord,
  • Thank You for staying with me through out.. I know I'm a hard child..hehe.. but still your presence makes it easier for me!!..=)
  • Thank You for the moment of joy I felt..everytime I feel the wind..the rain.. the sun.. stars, moons.. flowers..grass.. such wonderful creations..
  • Thank You for the time I woke up late..missed the train..and still made it on time for class..
  • Thank You..for helping me help others.. by showing them.. sometimes life may not go the way we want it.. but when you unwrapped that mysterious gift of life..the word HOPE rises..
  • Thank You for the gift of music.. in which I can feel your presence..and able to hear your comforting and soothing words..=)
  • Thank you for my relatives.. who still loves me.. though I keep on dissapointing every step i take..
  • Thank you for all the precious people you painted in my life.. Some stayed.. some choice.. still the picture remains beautifully framed in my heart.. for the ink is permanent..
  • Thank you for this blog.. where i can trully be myself..and crap anything i want..=)
  • Thank you for the viewers of my blog..who thinks what I write is nonsense..but still follow it..and also for those who actually saw something in my posts..
  • Lastly..Thank you..FOR YOU!!..=)
I ask your most precious name..

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

food and love

I was helping my mom to peel the onions and garlics today...yes I like being a girl once in a the kitchen..hehehe...dont underestimate k!..i can cook! in Ratatouille.."anyone can cook!" =)

Anyway when I took out the paper.. you know.. as a rough paper for the onion and garlic skin.. it read like this.."VIOLENT MEN" ..or something like that..well it certainly caught my attention..

I remember once watching OPRAH.. she interviewed this girl.. who was abused by her husband for 7 years.. and they've known each other for like 10 years!!... and it really got me thinking..
I mean..lets say I 've known this guy for a long time...and I'm marrying him..and he turns out to be a BEAST!! ..How can that happen..?? I've like known him forever..and I'm sure he's the one..
But..he unexpectedly only reveals the REAL HIM only after the marriage.. he shows his true colors and takes out his mask ONLY then!!.. how can this be the girl..

Its like you're eating in a 'mamak'..the food smells and tastes delicious.. but who knows.. whether is it clean or dirty??.. you'll never know..until you get a stomach ache..or end up in the toilet 10 times a day!!...or even worst.. you might end up getting some heart disease because of the food you eat..!! the same with marriage.. you can't see what's invisible..but you'll only know the effect once your in it!! I hope im making sense here..hehe..

So it got me exactly do you know that the person you're really THEM..and not the person YOU think they are.. hmmm.. which brings out the main question.. how is it.. do you make a relationship last?? How is it can you enjoy your food..without worrying of the disease and the problems it might cause you..?? =)

hehe..dont more.."Men are from mars..and women are from venus.." but if you ask me.. which i think most of you all have have a lasting and satisfying relationship... how a person look, may not be the same as what lies inside.. and what lies inside is what matters the most...=)..

you might wanna be with a guy..because he is cute.. and vice versa.. or you might wanna be with someone..cause they're rich..or smart..or whatever..

But can't that make a relationship last??..lets go back to the food category..hehe.. How exactly do you eat healthy??.. ok let's say your eating outside.. firstly you have to choose a clean avoid food poisoning.. or if you wanna avoid any disease.. you check out how the food is cooked.. not too oily..not too salty.. some food for example.. a chocolate cake..looks very appetizing.. but you have got no idea how much of sugar and fat it carries..hehe.. and DANG!! ..your diagnosed with DIABETES.. there goes your life..

ok ok..enough of food lecture.. lets get real.. basically what im trying to say...WHAT LIES INSIDE THAT MATTERS THE MOST!!... so what if he's not good looking.. so what if the world thinks otherwise.. remember its YOUR LIFE your talking about!!..not theirs..

you go for someone who's nice.. hehe.. someone who respects, who humbles himself in the eyes of others.... who cares.. who loves.. those around him.. =) someone who is willing to put himself in other peoples shoe when they are in need.. cause when one is able to do that.. he can't stand you getting hurt.. he wont allow others to hurt you.. he feels what you feel.. and that is true love.. so i've been told..hehe

yes..looks maybe the first impression.. but it costs nothing..when it comes to the heart..hehe

before i end.. here's the chorus from the guy sebastian song..

If you can see..what I see..
Then your the answer to my prayers..
If you can feel the tenderness i feel..
You would know..It would be clear..
that angels brought me here..

If one sees the world..through your eyes and in your eyes.. he might just be the one..

hehe..have a nice day!

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Guess who's back.. Back again.. lol..

first and foremost!!..HELLO CIVILIZATION!!..hehe..=) have got no i craved to blogged.. it was soooo bad.. that i actually wrote down.. in my so called note book..hehe.. yeah tell me about it..!! sigh..

anyway..i'll be back tomorrow.. weeeeee!!... hehe..actually I dont know whether coming back to civilization is a good thing or not.. cause when I'm there..I'M ALWAYS THERE!!.. you know.. something called..ADDICTED!! ..hehe..and the addiction is not normal you know.. i cant really explain it.. but when I'm not online.. its like.. "I'm not there at all!!" ..yeah.. its pretty mean.. its like.. a part of me is missing.. hmm.. yeah.. weird i know.. but thats the way it goes..i guess..

I have a lot to write.. but no idea where to start!! about this.."I DO NOT WANT THE HOLIDAYS TO END!!" ..and i think this month..i watched the MOST the theater..
like..NEW MOON, AVATAR, PRINCESS AND THE FROG..AND ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNK!! ..hehe.. well the last 2 movies..was with my cousins...the best thing when you hang out with get to do..WHAT they do..hehe..=p

I watched TITANIC again TV2 ..i practically memorized every dialogue and my was the first time they're watching..and trust me..I LITERALLY HEARD THEM SOBBING!! ..hehehe.. i stopped tearing.. like after the 10th time watching.. hehe and MALAYSIAN TV SYSTEM.. trust me..its the worst ever existed.. why in the world they wanna censor the KISSING PART??.. i mean come on la..its just a kiss..a symbol of love.. a gift.. haizz.. whats the use of censoring anyway??..when they still have SEXUAL PREDATORS running loose AFTER INNOCENT KIDS??!! ..the moment i read the STAR newspaper on the 24th..about the girl..found in the mud.. i was so tensed up!!..i almost crushed the paper!!.. what kinda psycho people finds pleasure in rapping and torturing children??.. its gets worse..when they know..they wont get caught..thanks to the so-called POLICE here.. and ISA for capturing a journalist..a priest.. a politician.. for the TRUTH!! ..and the "real criminals" are still out there.. seriously.. I love my country.. just dislike the people who rule them..haiz..

and BTW.. did I mention my GRANDMA'S place is WIFI-ED?? actually someone's using the we kinda curi it.. illegal i know.. but when you have people like me..hangning around this area..its pretty acceptable..hehe..

My sis is bugging me to use the internet.. so i guess.. thats it..surely be backing again tomorrow.. whether i like it or not.. so yeah.. hope you dont mind.. if my blog is FILLED with ENDLESS posts..=)

take care..and god bless..=)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Actually I have a lot to blog about today..

about how I felt the moment I entered the college I'm suppose to continue my degree felt sooo awkward.. like Std 1 all over again.. i got anxious about not fitting in.. that their gonna think I'm anti-social, weird..and bla bla bla.. you've heard me many times.. so yeah.. I'm not gonna expect anything.. just put on a smile..and wont be that bad!!.. =)

Anyway I also wanted to blog about how the church decoration had lots fun.. doing the about 20 times..before getting them rite..hehe..together with chris, pam, vivian, mel, ann and aunty was way too complicated than you can if at all you get the chance and happen to go to HFC.. look at the curtains..and SMILE K!!.. no complaints!!..hehe.. though i agree it should be ironed..hehe..but still..*NO COMPLAINTS!!*.. we susah-payah made it k..=p

felt the Christmas spirit..then.. hehe..while decorating..wished I can celebrate with all of them.. singing the carols.. laughing like nobody's business.. hugging everyone we meet.. checking out each others dresses..and of cause.. the guys..who used to dress up like 'apek' during ordinary time.. will come in shirts and ties..=p..not forgetting the most important part..celebrating Christmas with the ones you love..and in them your love..and receive more than you can ever imagine... after all..Christmas is a time to love..=) I cant believe I'm gonna miss all of this...again!!..haizz...

And after that..played CASH FLOW.. and beat my sis and the ends of the world.. hehe.. *dont know where i got that line form..* hehe..and then attended my baby's birthday..gosh.. he looked absolutely that jump suit.. its like..i fell in love ALL OVER AGAIN.. when our eyes met..and that sweet smell of his skin..hmmm..YUMMY!! chill talking bout JOSEA, my 1 year old neighbour's bday.. sigh..if only he was born 18 years before.. trust me.. I would have gone through heaven and earth..and made him mine!!..*cehh wahh.. cakap besar je!!* ..=p

and after tat..had a really huge argument with my mom.. i was kinda expecting it la.. just didnt would be 5 days before christmas.. sigh.. so yeah.. this year Christmas.. is soo not meant for me.. but I'm gonna have fun after all.. who knows it might be my well hello.. maybe i get get out of the country next year..for like thats gona happen..but hey I can still wish!!..

and one more thing..i smartly left my my sister's kancil..which is with saha...he's gonna take it for painting!!..=( phoneless now!!.. and i doubt mom wanna go to his house and take it.. argh..a week without my phone..and the endless msges,..during Christmas!!.. like i said..this year..aint meant for me..=(

I really hope things will get better tomorow.. and as usual..I have a feeling it wont..sigh

anyway.. my blog will be dead..for about a week.. so yeah..dont miss me..though I know its hard not to.. I know I'll be missing my blog like its my life!!.. sigh.. it is part of me.. ok i should stop crapping..before someone thinks i'm pretty messed up AGAIN!!

A merry Christmas.. to everyone who happen to read this!!.. May the birth Christ..make a difference in your life.. and that you may carry his light and warmth.. to everyone you meet!! I hope to do same too..

Have a blessed Christmas!!..=)
*hugs and kisses*

take care..and god bless..

Saturday, December 19, 2009


"Everytime I try to fly, I fall
Without my wings, I feel so small
I guess I need you, baby ...
And everytime I see you in my dreams
I see your face, it's haunting me
I guess I need you, baby "...

I like this song..=)

p/s..I got my CHRISTMAS dress!!!...I LOVE IT!!..=)

gtg..will ttyl..tomorow..
god bless

Friday, December 18, 2009


A simple four letter word..
Yet its hard to grasp the mystery of it..
Hard to define the true meaning it carries..

Could hurt..
Be the word to describe this mystery??
Or illusion..
Of what could have become..
If we made the other choice..
Maybe it's just a dream..
That you can't wait to wake up from..

If that's life..
Whats the purpose of living then??..
Whats the point of putting your all in it..
And watch it disappear..
After a while??
Why does everything fall apart..
The moment we take hold of hope??

There has to be something more to life..
Something like salt..
Though the amount is small..
But makes a huge difference in the taste..
Something real..
As the sun in the morning...
And the starts at night..
Something more..
Like you might have everything in your hands..
But still there's something missing..

What is that missing part??
What is the "salt" that would change everything in a glimpse??
And the real thing..
What could that be..??

Jesus..could it be Him??..
Let's see

Through the raging waters..
Through the piercing words..
Through the burning fire..
Why..even death..
Could't stop HIM..
From being with you..

The salt.. that turned the mourning to dancing..
Tears to smiles.. sadness to joy..
The missing part.. that satisfy the yearning soul..
Like a piece of puzzle to complete the picture..
The real One.. who never left you..
Though you rejected HIM..
The One.. who would'nt think twice
To suffer and die for you again..
Even if your the only one in this earth..

Could it be HIM??
The missing piece..??

Find out for yourself..=)

hehe..I wanted to post something intelligent.. but ended up..coming with this.. You know.. I cant help wondering but this thought came to my mind.. maybe the answers you search..are not out there.. its in you.. within you.. in front of you!!..

No idea..why I said that.. but it just popped out.. might not make sense.. perhaps it means.. make the best of everything..and everyone around you!!.. you might not get another chance!!..=)

have a nice day..=)

p/s ...the beauty of life does not depend on how happy you are..but how happy other can be..because of you!!..Carry Jesus with you..and share Him with others.. maybe you'll know the meaning of life then..


Thursday, December 17, 2009

what is wrong with the world??

Gosh!!..these people are going to match make me??!! ...not to mention... my dearest mom.. has a BLOG and FACEBOOK!! ..where did that come from??..yikes.. and on top of that.. I'M PLAYING THE GUITAR FOR CAROLING TOMORROW!! ...what is wrong with this world??

Firstly...the last thing I need right now.. is someone to tell me lies, that I'm the only one..they ever wanted....with all those loved dovey messages.. someone to call..when I'm bored.. someone to my day was.. and how much I missed them.. someone to laugh at..and be a brat.. knowing they cant possibly get annoyed..after all its only me.. someone to dream about all day.. someone who really recognizes..the girl behind..the orange glasses..and weird hair color.. basically..the last thing I need that one species..who manage to turn my world..upside ONE MINUTE!! silly me.. yes..a guy.. who needs them anyway??.. I'm perfectly happy and complete..right where I

I hereby clearly state.. that I am pretty much finding the right the right time.. Its hard..nearly impossible.. but still possible..

Secondly.. why does my mom need facebook for??.. lol.. cause now.. i have to make sure every post on my wall.. is well.. erm.. read-able by people their age..sigh..hehe

Thirdly.. carolling... dont even ask!!.. what am i to say?? I don't know.. what in the world.. gave HIM up there..the idea ...that I could handle.. a crowd that big??!!.. I can't barely fry an egg..without letting the hot oil splash on my hand.. why Lord??..why do you have great expectations on me..??.. i dont fit in these kinda stuffs.. I dont fit in anywhere!!..sigh..

Anway..if you want me to make a fool out me that it can make others happier..and give them something laugh..then yes...with the little I have.. I will give it You.. All yours.. what I have to loose anyway??.. For it giving that one receives..

Thy will be done.. not mine..

God bless...


He's cute!!

He's nice!!

He's awesome!!

and He's mineeeee!!! =)

No more questions asked..

Have a nice day...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I you??

I received this e-mail.. and found it rather interesting..=)

Yes... so true..hehe.. and dont feel like baking the babies and biting their cheeks???.. SOOO ADORABLE!!

Have a nice day!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

passing through..

I'm soooo tempted to read BREAKING DAWN!!..someone please..stab me on my chest lol...

today I had it from my she was asking for a background music..for her slides.. the slides she's doin for saha..cause its their..5TH ANNIVERSARY together.. lol.. sometimes I wonder why dont they just get married..?? I mean.. my parents could have saved..all her education money for me.. They could have sent me overseas or something.. probably could have found someone nice there..and settled!! forgive me.. i have wild imaginations.. i suggested the song "bella's lullaby: rivers flow in me" ..from twlight..hehe.. and she scowled me... "JUAN!!!...VAMPIRES AND WEREWOLVES DO NOT EXIST IN THe REAL WOLD!!" ..they're all myth!!..not real!!..just stories!!" ...i mean..i know it all along.. but hearing her say it.. makes more sense.. and I told her.."its easier for you to've never been through a break up.." i know..that's not an excuse though...I should come out and face the real world I havent said that before..and I added.." asked me..for my opinion..either you take it or leave it!!..leave the critics to yourself.." hehe...

The papers tomorrow..and here she sits blogging..and

btw.. I got my eye checked!!.. and turns out I have an ALLERGY!!... and the doctor took 100 BUCKS wei!!! ..sigh..if only i was more careful.. could have saved my moms money... could have gotten that dress!!

anyway..i was just passing through..nothing much..just some grown tired of maths.. which I barely touched..ok..i did a

gtg!!..nitez..god bless

Monday, December 14, 2009

the swelling eyes,,

I finish reading ECLIPSE..and I'm having the damm feeling AGAIN!! somebody SHOOOT ME!! ..sigh.. My maths is still in danger.. and all I could feel is the pain Jacob felt.. sigh..

CRAP!! ..this has to stop!... I know I have to get back my life together.. not to mention I almost gone blind last night.. I dont know is it because of starring at the laptop for tooo long.. or is it because of my contacts.. or perhaps because of the tears I shed..=(

alright alright.. I'll start from the beginning..

Yesterday.. my sis decided to make my life even more miserable than its already is.. seriously guys.. she's not the think she is!!.. she put me in trouble.. by telling my mom.. I've been reading novels..from laptop.. and my mom.. being the normal 'mom'.. gave me left and right.. she thought all this while.. I was reading my notes..

And my sis..cant really study at home.. so almost everyday she goes out.. either to MCD or STARBUCKS.. so ask to take me with her.. well.. i thought it wasnt a bad idea.. I mean.. i need to start on Maths..whether I like it or not.. and me being in the same place as my laptop is.. is reallllyyy a bad yeah..

We decided to go to SECRET RECIPE.. i've been craving for chocolate cake for a while already.. hehe ..and just when we were looking for the perfect place in METRO POINT guess what was going on?? A TALENT SHOW called..KAJANG STAR SEARCH!! ..hehe.. BERNADETTE should have been there..seriously..she would love it..and they ever had the sand art competition..=)

there kids were all adorable!!.. extremely.. gosh.. I could have kidnapped every single one of them.... but of cause..with my utter blurness..that's not really a good idea..hehe and I think all of them should have WON!! seriously.. though the song the sang was out of tune.. and the dance they danced.. the stories they read.. the piano they played.. WOW!! .. the BRAVERY ..was the one I truly admire in every single one of them.. to have the GUTS.. to walk out on that stage.. dressed sooooo adorably.. didnt matter if they made any mistakes.. or looked like a fool...but determined to win the hearts of the audience.. they all deserve much more than a trophy.. they truly WON my heart..=)

Anyway you could have imagined la.. how my "study" trip turned out.. hehe we chose the furthest place as possible.. but everytime I hear the MC said theres a performance coming up.. I will give a silly smile to my sis.. failing to fight the temptation miserably.. I would walk out of secret recipe.. to give my full support to the ones performing..hehe.. Come on.. These kids deserve credits k!!

So while waiting for the result.. this chinese guy came up with his guitar.. the first song he sang was.."you're beautiful' by James Blunt.. I secretly kinda like this song.. esp the second verse.. not bad.. his voice.. really..=) and then the second song.. the moment I heard it.. MY heart skipped a beat.. my sister was like.."what song is this..and why are you soo worked out??" .. I was speechless.. I mean.. I didnt know anyone would know the song.. and to sing it there.. can't be a coincidence... But memories came rushing like a wind.. filling every single space of my mind.. leaving my visions blank.. My heart was in fury.. beating abnormally again.. too much to hold.. it started bleeding again I guess...=( I felt my eyes sting.. the next thing I new.. my cheeks was wet! I hate it!! I hate it sooooooo much!! .. why am i soooo weak??.. when will i get through it?? I know I will..i mean i have too.. but how long will it last??..sigh

I felt so sorry for my heart..for I've convinced it many time that "it's over" ..but it was like..the clouds..telling the earth.."I'll never dirty your ground again with my water.." something impossible.. something that I can't runnaway.. something I have to face..or else it'll haunt me.. for the rest of my life.. The guy kept on singing the song... with every word..piercing my heart like a sword..

Anyway..enough of DRAMAS!!..and lets cut the EMO crap k??.. i mean..its not over yet.. but i'll save it for
So we came back.. went to PASAR MALAM.. after like 2000 years..hehe.. I've been eating a lot lately!!..i mean A LOT!! ..sigh.. all this emo crap.. has been leaving me side

And after that.. I had an arugment with my mom.. and sooooo went back emo-ing.. and when I shed tears.. i tend to rub my eyes.. like nobody's business.. like a little's been a habit.. been warned many times.. but no.. I never listen..until it hits me in the eye!! i'll rub.. to stop the tears.. but does it ever work??..

and I was hurt... really hurt.. hehe.. like thats something new..=) so I started vomitting words.. to God.. I didnt have anyone else to turn to.. I just said everything I needed to say.. and trust me..ITS NOT A COINCIDENCE.. I found this FORGIVENESS prayer.. on my table.. next to my maths notes... And I said it.. meaning every word.. forgiving "i-cant-mention-the-name-here" ..=).. my mom.. forgiving my self.. and finally..I ASKED forgiveness from God.. to hurt him..just a while ago..=)

WOw what a relief that was!! ..I'll post that prayer next time k??..when I'm done..with all this exam crap..hmmm..

and errr.. i went straight to bed.. was kinda a tired.. since i didnt have my noon nap..hehe.. and my eyes.. my RIGHT eyes.. i was still rubbing it.. it was soo uncomfortable.. I got up looked at the mirror.. I my eyes.. was RED!! ..and it has SHRUNK!! ..twice the original size.. of my size.. I went to the living room..and told my sis.. "I think I did the biggest mistake of my life"..which I think was even bigger mistake telling her about my eyes..cause she was like.."eehhww... YOUR EYES!! .." i dont know what that expression suppose to mean.. lol.. thank God mom was in her room... and my sis started shouting.."MAAAAAA!! " .. i was like.."shhhhhhh...ENOUGH OF DAMAGE YOU DONE IN MY LIFE."

I went back to my room.. but of cause.. will my sis ever listen?? she's the second biggest mistake in this world..after meof!!..see even in 'kutuk-ing' i'm giving her preferences..hehe mom straight away came.. and me your eyes!! ..i said.."IM FINE!!" ...with my eyes closed.. when i opened it.. she was like.. started naggin.."I TOLD YOU NOT TO RUB YOUR EYES!! see what you did" ..but was HORRIBLE!! ..i looked like some alien.. it was soo uncomfortable.. there this slimy thing all over..i thought i hadnt remove my contacts.. but..I HAD REMOVED IT!! ...

I couldnt sleep after that.. I got up again.. looked at my eyes.. and it was SWELLING!! ..i was like.. ohh God!! ..

this morning.. swell was there.. though red-ness gone down a bit..sigh..
But i had it.. I'm never gonna rub my eyes again!!..sigh..

So yeah.. thats my emo story and my eye..=)

hehe.. ok ok.. that should do..i'd get back to studying maths..=)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Somtimes I forget..

Hey! hehe... hows everyone doing?? lol.. I rarely asked that question right??.. just thought of being polite..not that I'm *crapping*

Anyway.. I had my first nightmare today.. Social Psychology..hehe.. yes..EXAM ON A SATURDAY!! of UTAR's NONSENSE!!..LOL..thank God I'm leaving UTAR!! ..hmm..

I got up this morning.. thought of attending the 7am mass.. and head straight to college.. my paper was only at 2.. but since I'm like sooooo used in taking the morning train rite??.. I was like why not.. will have plenty of time to study..hehe

But it didnt work out!! ..not cause I couldn't wake up!! but because..I was SNEEZING NON STOP!! seriously.. I could feel my heart shrinking.. I think it almost had a heart attack.. no joke!! If i didnt stop..I would have probably vomited my heart out.. hehe.. eehhwww... anyway I dont think anyone would want it also la.. like I said..its DISTORTED!! know.. out of shape kinda thing.. hehe.. dont mind me.. I had too much sugar.. so yeah.. a bit aggressive today.. in my writting.. *crapping!!*

Anyway my record was like..6 times in a row..non-stop heheh..YUP I broke it!!..ohh sorry.. I'm talking about SNEEZING!! ..hehe.. this morning I sneezed like 7 times NON STOP!! .. lol.. yeah likes that something to be proud off.. sigh.. sorry.. I'm just a bit messed's bothering me!!.. so have to crap non-stop as well.. to get rid of it!!

Its just that..sigh.. I DO NOT WANT TO GO!!! NOOOOOOO!! ...

Lord, please.. can I not go??..
Can I not??..sigh..pleaseeeeee
Why me?? WHY???..
What??!!! ..
What are you trying to put in my head that I'm not trying to get it??!!!
Pleaseee.. quit playing games with my heart..
You know.. I can't win..
You know very well!!
And yet..

Who can understand Your ways, dear Lord??

And still..while I sit down here..typing this post..
All I can imagine is You..
Sitting up there..above the clouds..
Smiling at my stupidity..and naive-ness..
Saying to me..

"Have little human of mine!! I died for you.. What else proof do you need... that its all BEEN TAKEN CARE OFF??!!" ..

and she smiles to herself..
and replies..

"I'm sorry, Lord.. I'm human.. sometimes I forget.. thanks for reminding though..=)"

Good nitez..
take care..

p/S Jesus loves you!!
and I love HIM too!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm loving angels..

My blog is not filled with lyrics..and thats just sooooo weird!!.. lolz.. I mean..whats life without music??..just so not me..

The moment I heard the song.. the last part.."I'm loving angels instead" ..really caught my attention.. What could have prompt the writer to make him believe that his loving angels..instead?? Then I checked-out the lyrics.. and I knew why..

Ever had someone who accepts you for who you are??.. right or wrong.. ugly or beautiful.. someone who'd never forsake you.. when you cry out to them.. ??

To all the those who helped me fly..though the wings are broken.. just wanted to say.. that.. "I'm loving angels instead" ..

Angels..~david archuleta~

I sit and wait,
Does an angel contemplate my fate..

And do they know..

The places where we go..

When we're grey and old..

'Cause I've been told..
That salvation lets their wings unfold..

So when I'm lying in my bed..

Thoughts running through my head..

And I feel that love is dead..
I'm loving angels instead..

And through it all..
She/He offers me protection..

A lot of love and affection..
Whether I'm right or wrong..

And down the waterfall..

Wherever it may take me..

I know that life won't break me..

When I come to call..

She/He won't forsake me..

I'm loving angels instead..

When I'm feeling weak..
And my pain walks down a one way street..

I look above..

And I know I'll always be blessed with love..

And as the feeling grows..

She/He breathes flesh to my bones..

And I feel that love is dead..

I'm loving angels instead..

And through it all..
She/He offers me protection..

A lot of love and affection..

Whether I'm right or wrong..
And down the waterfall..
Wherever it may take me..

I know that life won't break me..
When I come to call..

She/He won't forsake me..

I'm loving angels instead..

Oh,I'm loving angels instead

So cute eh??.hehe..

Have a nice day!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

can't find a title

I studied..I think.. not much.. but just enough for me to take a break..=p

So mom came back today..and said this..

Mom: Juan, how do I sign up for a blog??
Juan: Why in the world would you want a blog for??
Mom: My company is giving a talk on the purpose of blogging..and how to open it.. So I realized it
would be easier..if I knew it before hand..
Juan: oookay..

Then it crossed my mind..what if my mom read my blog??!! ...i mean she knows I blog.. and she thinks its nonsense!!..=( .. once she came into my room..and saw me writing a post..and asked.. "whats 'the rose of love' all about??" ..she was suspecting something she thinks I'm "jiwang-ing" or something like that..hehe.. I gave her the..'who-you-think-i-am' look..and said.."thats my blog title.." ..surprisingly she gave a crooked smile.. but I know what she was thinking..."since when my girl became the girly girl??" ..hehe

So back to my question.. if my mom reads my blog??!!.. i can't even imagine that.. Err.. but why?? ..I mean my closest friend reads close friend reads not-so-close friend reads it...why even strangers read it... But for my own mom..the one who bore me 9 months in her womb.. sigh.. whats keeping me..from letting her read my blog??

Its just weird..or perhaps I'm afraid.. she won't accept the...the girl who's typing this post..

yikes...quit emo-ing girl!!

Anyway..remember I'm suppose to read NEW MOON after my exam.. well.. guess what?.. yeap.. I FINISHED READING IT!! .. last nite..after studying.. I needed a break.. the psychology's driving me nuts.. as if I really NEED "PSYCHOLOGY' to drive me off the I was reading it from 12am and slept at 3.. hehe.. i was halfway through already..

So I was thinking of saving ECLIPSE.. at least after my exam.. you think it can work??.. lol.. yeah.. I think not as well..sigh..

Actually I have no idea..why am I writing this post.. its not like I have something interesting to share about.. .. besides my not-so-interesting/lifeless life.. Lately I'm feeling so so..erm..whats that word..DEMOTIVATED!! ..

What do you do..when you're demotivated huh?? ..hmmm.. maybe I should go out.. yeah.. out.. its been like what..36 hours..i've tied myself at home.. away from the sun and rain..and people.. just in room.. lol.. perhaps I'll go cycling.. or jogging??... or to the playground??.. alamak..but my cousin bernadette's not here!!.. it will look weird rite??..if a 19 year old..plays the swing..all by herself..surrounded by children??..haha..

Or maybe I'll just stick with cycling.. but it's been ages..since I used my bicycle.. I think the tyres kinda worn out as well.. OR maybe I should just start reading ECLIPSE!! ..

ohh think I need some help rite?/ its just that...AARRGGHH!! ..never mind..

I'll post something intelligent next time..

till then..ADIOS!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


What in the world??!!! ..
How did that happen...??
Didnt see it coming..
I swear it was random..
like something that just popped out my mind!!
No joke!!..
It's a coincidence..
It has to be..
Though I believe everything happens for a reason..
This time..
It bloody hell..has to be a coincidence!!
No way...
Because IT'S OVER!!..


Monday, December 7, 2009

I am yours!!

This morning I got up.. Looked at the mirror.. I saw that 2 big black pupils starring back at me.. Some A-shaped nose..placed right in the middle.. And a faint smile..curved at the end of the lips..

I really should know..who that girl is.. but the mind went blank.. trying to recognize the girl beneath that "mask" of hers.. A weird question popped up in the brain then.."who am I??" gets ever worse.. when the girl in the mirror asked me this question.."who are you??" ..

"Who is that girl I see..
Starring straight..back at me..
Why is my reflection someone I don't know.."

I should be certified ..."way gone mad" by now...

But seriously..lately..I've not been myself.. I can't get in touch with my feelings.. I behave in a way..I'd never thought I'd ever behaved like this.. Rude you may say.. very so very argumentative.. never thought of giving in.. always wants what she desires!! no matter how ridiculous it seemed ..I may look know like "she's just a girl with the weirdest hair colour..what does she knows about life??".. sigh..

Yes..I admit.. I do not know much about life.. I can't understand the direction its taking me.. It seems like a dead end.. far ahead.. but I'm still pedaling non-stop.. sigh.. And somehow..I have a feeling.. a cliff is coming right up ahead.. I might fall if I don't stop and think.. or..maybe.. I want to fall and end it all..


Why are you so faraway from me??
Am I that sinful and shameful..
That you can't even glance at me..??
Am I that torn apart..and broken..
That you hide yourself away from me..

I tried talking to you many night..
But it seemed like I'm talking to the wall..
Like no one is hearing me..
Even when I'm screaming at the top of my lungs..

I know I shouldn't give up..
I know I should still cling on..
No matter how strong the wind is blowing..
How fierce the storm seems..

But Lord..
I want to go through it..
No matter how hard it seems..
I just can't do it alone!!...

And right at this moment..
The song "Please forgive me" bryan adams
Rang in my head..

"So if you're feeling lonely..DON'T!!
Your the only one..I'd ever want..
I only wanna make it good..
So if I love you..a little more that I should..

Please forgive me..
I know not what I do..
Please forgive me..
I can't stop loving you..
Don't deny me..
This pain I'm going through..
Please forgive me..
I need you like I do..
Please believe me..
Every word I say is true..
Please forgive me..
I can't stop loving you..."

Wow!! ..
I have no words.. Imagine.. someone asking for forgiveness.. for loving me too much.. Someone is in pain..because I'm denying HIM!! And it makes it more hurtful..yet amazing.. when I do not deserve such love..

A love from the KING OF KINGS..Lord of Lords.. so pure.. so unconditional.. that broke down every wall I built.. that cross every line I drew.. that shed every single drop of His blood.. and still I complain??.. gosh..what is wrong with me??!!

He doesn't need me to be perfect.. or complete.. He doesn't want me to make sacrifices.. He doesn't care if I'm broken or torn apart.. He clearly doesn't require me to score an "A" ..or earn a million dollars..!! He loves me for who I am.. the blurr, weird, emo, broken JUAN!!

He knows..I'm lost now..and He assures me.. "the will of God will never take you where the grace of God will not protect you!!"

Just let go...and let Him take control..

For I am..a flower quickly fading..
Here today..gone tomorrow..
A wave tossed in the ocean..
A vapour in the wind..
Still you hear me when I'm calling..
Lord you catch me..when I'm falling..
And you told me who I am!!
I am YOURS!!..

what else do I need in this life??..=)


Amanda did this is facebook.. I just did it for fun..cause I myself am uncertain of what I like.. and what I'm looking for..hehehe.. hope this helps..

10 things you want for Christmas:
1) A normal heart filled with joy and love..
2) A clear mind..that helps me walk in truth..
3) Now..for the reality part.. "the dude!!" dont ask who..I'm sill searching..
5) A new phone!!
6) To meet cynta and stal before CHRISTMAS!!
7) More buy gifts for all my 6 cousins, sis and parents!!..
8) That time square..which i hope to wear for CHRISTMAS!!
9) A car?? ..hehehe.. well.. i can still wish
10) erm.. TAYLOR LAUTNER!!

9 musicians/bands you love: (this is in random order)
  1. Westlife
  2. Mariah Carey
  3. Taylor Swift
  4. Bryan Adams
  5. Ronan Keating
  6. Hillsong
  7. Planet Shakers
  8. Chris Tomlin
  9. Don Moen

8 things you do everyday:
  1. Think
  2. Eat
  3. Sleep
  4. Bath
  5. BLOG!! ..=)
  6. Talk
  7. Dream
  8. Listen!!
7 things you enjoy:
  1. Blogging..
  2. Music..
  3. Eating
  4. Day-dreaming
  6. Reading..
  7. Feeling the wind..
6 things that will always win your heart:
  1. The love one has for God..
  2. The love one has for children..
  3. A dedicated or a composed song written esp for me
  4. An original poem..
  5. Magnetic eyes..that gives me goosebumps
  6. The smile..of a child..

5 favourites:
1) Movie: a lot...cant choose.. but for should be the twilight series
2) Song: For now Art of guy sebastian and jordin sparks
3) Book: Perfect and judith mcnaught
4) Band: Westlife
5) Season: Winter..=p

4 smells you enjoy:
  1. Rose..
  2. The rain..
  3. Waffle..=p
  4. Grandma's chicken curry!!..=D

3 places you want to go:
  1. Paris
  2. Bethlehem
  3. North Pole

2 days in a week you love:
  1. Fridays
  2. Saturdays

1 person you’d marry on the spot:
  1. Based on physical has to be TAYLOR LAUTNER!!..dont care if his 2 years younger!! But based on completeness.. the "dude" is still on search!!

P/s me crazy.. I'm watching new moon again tomorow!!.. yikes.. part of me is guilty for wasting 36 bucks.. on a fiction man-made movie.. that's full of fantasy..and can't be true!!

Another part of me..says that.."so what if your not gifted to feel true love..I'm sure there's no harm in fantasizing it.."

So I decided to become human..and give in..

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The dream..

Last night..I went to sleep..
Full of worry..and concerned..
And as I lay sleeping..
A great lesson I learn,

In my sleep..I drifted..
To a place far..far away..
Where the saviour had been taken..
To spend His final day..

The crown of thorns..brought anguish..
As they placed it on His head..
I watched them..nail Him to the cross..
Where His precious blood was shed..

Despite His pain and sorrow..
These words He spoke to me..
"Precious one..doubt not my love..
and you shall be set free.."

~Author unknown~

Friday, December 4, 2009

Another survey

From UTAR ICT...for the last time..using the age old computer which is as slow as tortoise..=p

Last day in UTAR..hmmm.. It reminds of the last day of school.. all busy arranging our tables for SPM.. taking pictures with everyone we meet.. walking all around the school..talking crap.. "Checking" out the cute guy..for one last time.. wont meet him again..but still dont have the guts to go and say "hi"

I wonder hows today going to be.. meanwhile..its been a while since I did surveys.. so here's one!..=)

Rules: Once you've been tagged, Fill this out and repost as, "My Autobiography" And use your own answers, not anyone else's. and tag 21 frends including me..

1. Where did you take your profile pic?
erm..In facebook..I took it in the car..hehe..after my sis 21st birthday dinner..

2. What exactly are you wearing right now?
A dress.. normally I'm in jeans and sport but I decided to wear something different since its the last day..and the next thing I know..they started asking.."are you going for a date??" ..hehe.

3. What is your current problem?
The brain is trying to catch up with life..the heart's finally FIXED though a bit distorted though ..the mouth cant stop crapping..=) ..

4. What makes you happy most?
Blogging..and blogging.. oh yeah..FRIENDS!!..=)

5. What's the name of the song that you're listening to?
Right now..all I'm hearing is UTAR's annoying printer that sounds like a mentally retarded halfway constipated ELEPHANT ..hehehehe

6. Any celeb you would marry?

7. Name someone with the same birthday as you?
ohhh..erm..Catherine Marie Leaonard from HFC..

8. Ever sang in front of a large audience?
hahaha..yup.. and I end up embarrassing myself 90% of the time..=p

9. Has anyone ever said you look like a celebrity?
nooo..the say I look like my"eehhww" rite??..hehe

10. Do you still watch kiddie movies or kiddie TV shows?
DUUHH! ..hehehe.. erm got a whole lots of them.. mr bean, mickey mouse club house, totally

11. Do you speak any languages?
err..if i am I to answer you then??!!.. I speak english, malay, tamil and sometimes my sis say I speak JAPANESE!!..=p

12.Do you ever watch MTV?
uh huh..

Chapter 1: =====================
1. Middle name:
hmmm.. margrita..NOT MARGARITA!!..sigh..

2. Nickname(s):
I think I could list a whole page of them.. erm..pig, piglet, babi.. Fort margherita.. MARGARITA!! ..jobabe.. ju-on.. hu-an, JUAN PABLO MATOYA..*dont ask* ..=( lol

3. Current location:

4. Eye color:
Dark brown..

Chapter 2: =====================

Do you get along well with your parents?
Most of the time i guess..

Chapter 3: Favorites ===========================

1. Ice cream: Vanilla and chocolate..=)

2. Shampoo/conditioner:
From Cosway..forget whats the

Chapter 4: Do You... ===========================

1. Dance in the shower?
NOOO..hehe..i sing though..

2. Do you write on your hand?
Not really..but they do..when they're bored..hehe

3. Call people back?
as is what?? yes I guess

4. Believe in love?

5. Any mental health issues?
sadly yes.. Blurness.. a bit of dumbness.. Blogging madness.. emo-ness to the max.. CRAPISH every second I get the chance.. Music and lyrics freak.. lol..

Chapter 5: Have You.. .=============================

1. Broken a bone?
Not yet..hehe

2. Sprained anything?
Normally when I play netball..=)

3. Had physical therapy?

4. Gotten stitches?
Noo..and do not wish too..

5. Taken painkillers?

Chapter 6: Who/What was the last ===================================

1. Movie you watched:
In cinema its NEW MOON!.. At home.. its TWILIGHT!!..hehe

2. Three people to text you?
Cynta, James and stal..

3. Person you called?

4. Person you talked to?
Kuan Lock..he's sitting next to me.. in lab..=)

5. Thing you touched?
The keyboard??

6. Thing you ate?
Kesari..=) some indian sweet..

7. Thing you drank?
This morning..havent drank anything yet//

8. Thing you said?
About my transfer to different college for my degree..

HOW I END MY SENTENCES ===============================

1. I love: YOU!! music =)

2. I don't understand: certain things sometimes.. ok..MOST OF THE TIME....=p

3. When I wake up in the morning: I so WISHED it was SATURDAY!!

4. Life is full of: ADVENTURE!!.weeeeee!! ..

5. I get annoyed very quickly when: all they do is COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN and COMPLAIN!! ..sigh.. oh yeah..those using excessive VULGAR words.. hehe.. the ears is too healthy for all these stuffs..=)

6. Parties are: not really my type..but when I'm with them.. *friends* I go crazy..hehe

7. Dogs are: normally reffered to as man's best friends..but I stil fear

8. Cats are: sooooo not my type!!...haizz..

9. Tomorrow is: MY PARENTS ANNIVERSARY!!..

10. I have a low tolerance for: arrogance, pride and EGO!!..

11. If I had a million dollars I would: prabably donate..dont really have much interest is money though..hehe..crazy eh??..

12. I'm totally terrified of: call me nuts.. but it should be

thats it??..hahaha.. i have another hour left..hmmm

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sand art!!

So I came back home after college today.. already guessing how's the day going to be..=( I mean..its like sooooo routinized.. soooo programmed.. soooooo not me!!.. I need more..erm adventure..hehe..

At least someone was excited to greet me back playing "hide and seek" through the curtain..hehe.. I'm talking about my 5 year old cousin!!.. while my sis.. didn't even glance!..hmm typical.. why am I complaining?? I'd probably would have done the same..=p it's a good thing she doesn't read my blog though..

So anyway..we had lunch.. watched TARZAN..*lost count of how many times I've watched it..* lol.. But I still never get bored of it.. TARZAN, MULAN, LION KING..hehe.. I know I know.. its just that I'm pretty impressed and how smart the director come up with such cartoons that promotes.."LOVE" ..=)

After Tarzan..had my usual nap.. and then got up to ACTUALLY start on BINOMIAL AND NORMAL DISTRIBUTION tutorial.. and my sis said.."Juan, come do SAND ART!!" ...and I looked at my cousin..who always gets away..with her smile.. and I was like.. "I guess maths can wait.." lol.. since it always WAITED..sigh..

I always wanted to do sand art.. Usually you'll see it an event or at the mass.. Of age doesnt allow to cross that line..hehe It seemed interesting.. how the "powder" spreads and form a PICTURE!!'s know.. letting the chips fall where they belong.. like..fixing pieces of JIGSAW PUZZLE.. and feeling the joy of looking at the completed ..

But you shold know "well" i get along with "ARTS" ..hehe

So..I screwed half of the picture!! I had expected la.. I never EXCELLED in arts.. Somewhere always went wrong when I hold the brush....err cause my colors got mixed up.. and I got so that's why mine turned out like.."eeehhhww-ish" ..hehe..

But the little one.. really made me think.."ARE SURE YOUR 19??!!" lol

Here's to the memorable spoilt art of mine..and the 5 years...

The sands..with glue..*dont mind the spoilt art there k..=p*

The five year old and her tree...weeee!!..its purple.. creative or not??..*she has my genes..*

Getting started on the 2nd art has something to do with "love and star" ..hehe..

Check out the color combination!!..hehehe..

The partially finish work.. come one wei!!.. you got to give her credit!!.. the girl's a miracle!!

Owwhh.. the 21 years wanted to show off as well!! hehe.. suddenly this ppl all filled with "L-0-V-E"

Check out who came in the pic!!.."Da vinci" in the FEMALE form!!..hehehe.. unfortunately it wasnt her day at all!!..

Awwwhhh...the little on her "HARLEY DAVIDSON" ..with her drawings!!

The little one..with the so-called adults drawing!!..heheh


After art..the little one wanted to play bicycle "outside"..instead of the porch..

I wanted to pose in as well..=p

After was a fabulous time for BADMINTON!! ..wait.. it was kinda windy.. but "close one eye" ..hehe..

The champions on the run!!...=) with the pony tail on both sides and a "spaghetti" strapped dress and the pink sandles..=p *perfect attire*

Like a ballerina rite??..heheh

And so the game begins..

Caught in action...


Amazing huh?? more the plain color

The girl herself.. with her orange glasses.. ok this is a bad pose.. =p

Oh yeah... wanna see how technology spoilts and at the same time benefits a 5 year old??..hehe

CHECK OUT HER FINGERS!! me..when I was 5..i didnt even know these things existed.. all i know was..the purple and green dinasaur called.."BARNEY!!" ..sigh..

AWWWWHHH...the smile.. told ya..she had my genes..=p