Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Because its Christmas! :)

Last night, when I saw "Mr.Fishy"'s comment at my pink chatbox on your right hand.. I was like.. "Awwwwhhhh!!" I really missed blogging.. I miss reading back at what I wrote, and saying, "My gosshh, Juan!! You are soo full of nonsense!!" I missed feeling the keyboard under my fingers, pretending to be a great writer, with lots of words of miss ranting every single lame thing that somehow interest me.. from the dirt in the drain to the imaginary castles on air... hmm Whatever happen to me. And no, I still have no idea who this Mr. Fishy is, but a huge thanks to him, for that one comment that hit right in the middle! ;)

Anyway, Christmas is nearing. Shopping is yet to be done, but well, I've already done my Christmas shopping! ..And this was the fastest. I saw it. I tried it. I bought it. And wallllaaa!!! I like!! ;)

Christmas cleaning. YEAP! ..Hello, have you met my mom? The queen of cleanliness. or wait, the general manager of the universe!!  No cleaning and that's it!! Its like the bomb dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Or worst. which I don't understand sometimes. I mean it is my room. Why can't I keep my things, where I want it to be?? I put my glasses on my computer table. And she explodes. Just like thatt!! Sad huh? lol. She says it has to in the spectacles cover..Which I don't see the purpose, cause I'm gonna use it anyway later. I mean for me to explode, all you need to do is well, probably break my heart. And yeap, I But don't even think about trying it. Its kinda seasoned and has a brand new 'explosive-proof' suit! ;p But do you see, the degree of both situations put together to cause the explosions??! ..haiz.. moms!! ..They drive you crazy, and still, I'd be so lost without her. ;)

Lol, have to credit a bit. Incase she decides to waste her time here.. ;p ;p hehe

Christmas cookies. Erm.. Nope. Grams does it every year. Sigh. Damm memories. They drive you crazy too,  But they also keep the dead alive.

You can take tomorrow and the plans we made..
You can take the music that we'll never play..
All the broken dreams.. take everything..
But you can never have yesterday..

You can take the future that we'll never know..
You can take the places that we said we would go..
All the broken dreams..take everything..
Just take it away.. but you can never have yesterday..

And, nope, those are not my words.. its a song.. I changed the subject.. sigh.. And no Johore this year. Christmas in Kajang.. woots!! Kajang, you ready to rock with the awesome-est ppl alive?! ;p ;p ;p

Wowwww.. lol. like so woooowww! ..sorry. But really, to just write out and write.. or wait, I mean type.. lol.. nothing beats it. Nothing beats the feeling to put your thoughts down on a piece of paper and pencil. err.. ish.. ok fine, keyboard and screen. lol..

Alrite, more to come.. I hope so! ;)


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