Thursday, December 8, 2011

Last things..

You thought you'll never hear from me again, didn't you?? That I had died, burried in satin, laid on a bed of roses, sunk in a river, sent away with the words of a love song. ;) sorry. That song is stuck in my head..since forever. And if you read the lyrics carefully, it caries a deep meaning. ;D

Oh well, I'm at work and I'm bored. And honestly, I have no time to blog. Even if I'm did, I'm either too tired to crap..or ran out words. Yes, tell me about it. Working life sucks. I wanna go back to doing assignment!! ..;p

Anyway, lets make fill up this place here..

    • Last food: That spicy keropok. Forgot the name. ;(
    • Last drink: Water
    • Last song you listened : Today was a fairy tale - Taylor Swift nope its not a fairytale.
    • Last song you sang out laud : If I die young ;))))) ..and no, dont even think about asking me to sing.. I'll throw up. for real! ;((
    • Last movie watched : ALVIN & THE CHIPMUNKS 3!!!! yes.. I had free complimentary tickets from astro!! ..and it was AWESOME! ..the best of 3! Go watch it! ;)))
    • Last article typed: Co-op report! ;(( tak habis-habis! ;(
    • Last work done: Scanned a wedding card and email it to my colleague
    • Last hairstyle done : Horse tail with crocodile clip .. wow its an animal's world!
    • Last clothes worn : Pink blouse, black 3/4 jeans, and black overcoat. ;) ..oh yesh! hawt as usual!! ;p ;p ;p
    • Last book read : Picture Perfect ~Jodi Picoult...not that bad.
    • Last game played : errrm.. I forgot!! ;(((
    • Last time you laughed : erm.. while reading this.. : "In 50 years time, when all the kids using facebook have grown old.. will it be changed to 'wrinklebook'???? hehehehe
    • Last time you cried : Last night..
    • Last person who made you cry : My sister ;(
    • Last person who made you laugh : erm.. Suren..
    • Last time you panicked : This morning, when I missed the bus! ;((
    • Last person who saved your day : My sister! ;)
    • Last person who kissed you : Saha
    • Last person who hugged you : Saha
    • Last person you texted : Suren
    • Last person you talked to : Kak Elly
    • Last person you talked to on the phone: Suren..
    • Last person you faught with : My sister
    • Last time you decided you were lifeless: NOW!! ;((((
 Siiiggh.. ok done.. really. I;m planning to start a new blog.. this blog is old!! ;(( Alright then will update you whats next!!

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