Tuesday, December 13, 2011

She saw him from afar..

Because today I feel like writing something.. something real.

She saw him from a far..
Clothed with rare jewels..
So shinny, so polished..
Something no naked eye could cherish...

She saw him from a far...
With strong and mighty arm..
Like a knight in gold armour
Ready to slash the dragon..

She saw him from a far..
Filled with pride so high..
That mountains are shamed
And the hills are of no match..

She saw him from a far..
A pair of eyes so deep..
That no ocean could fathom..
The very power of drowning with peace..

She saw him from a far..
As beautiful as the sun that glows..
So is the smile of a kind soul..
That melts the innermost of the being..

She saw him from a far..
Just a far.. so far..
That she couldn't reach him..
She couldn't touch him..

She saw him from a far,
Asking God, how is it possible
To create someone so perfect, so flawless..
Yet to good to be true..

She saw him from a far,
A far, is what destiny holds,
In the near future perhaps,
If fate allows dreams to come true.

Taaaa daaaa!! ;))))) lol.. too cheesy rite??!! I know! ..but err.. I was just afraid, cause my words are rusting already. ;( ..sigh. anyway.. have a great day everyone!: )

Cheers! :)

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