Friday, December 16, 2011

Change of heart

20 minutes before I leave work and be united with the weekend.. why I decided to blog now?

Because, 'Change of heart' by Jodi Picoult made me..

Here's why I like reading books..
  • Because when you read, you forget the world, and it takes you to another place. 
  • Because you feel what the characters feel. No more sympathy. But empathy..
  • Because you get to create your own images, scenery, character..
  • Because you get to be the heroin, with the long gorgeous eyes, beautiful eyes and perfect body
  • Because you find the guy of your dreams..and he happen to like you. ;)
  • Because when its done, it makes you think.
  • Because someday, I wanna write a story. A real one. A true one. 

I hear your voice in my head..
I see you in my dreams..
I feel you in my heart..

Could it be real?
Could it be finally happening?
Or is it just a story..
Like the others??

Maybe, Maybe not..
But two is definitely better than one!

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