Monday, November 21, 2011

The thing about love.

You know what I like most about train rides?? ;)) ...its the part where you watch from the window.. how the train rails..literally join together and become one! ... Its even more exciting when the train goes fast.. the joining becomes very smooth! ;))

Yes of course, knowing how my mind works.. I connected it with something.... If you're thinking about L.O.V.E ..then congrats.. you know me pretty well. ;p

Hmm.. love..
Since I've been so-called secretive about my 'love' life... ceeh waahh.. As if there's so much going on in the first place. Its almost non-existent, sadly. lol.. 

I'm not sure if at all I am destined to find one.

But I wish too someday.

Because beneath all this insanity I experience..

I wish to stare into your eyes and get lost in it..
I wish that the spaces between my finger is filled with yours..
I wish to receive texts that gives me shivers down my spine..
I wish to walk down the street, have you by my side.. and show off to everyone.
I wish to have the stupid fights and imagine not having you in my life..
I wish to sit on the couch and have you cuddle me
I wish to have endless conversation on the phone..about nothing at all.
I wish to cry my heart out and have you hug me and say everything will be alright..
I wish to your babies someday..
I wish that this would last..

LOL!! ..ish. jiwangnyerrr..  You see what happens when you give me free time with a comp. I become a love struck dumb teen. ;(( only a tiny problem. Now if you can find me the "you" in the above poem.. my gosh.. you saved me a whole lots of other emo-ish and embarrassing moments. hehe. And yes its the "you" non-existent... lol. 

But then you wanna know a secret?! ..The thing about love.. you don't go and search for it. It comes to you. When the time is right.. it comes. When you least expect comes. Without a warning, it comes ;)) .. And when it hits you.. it hits you fast..and hard. And its up to you.. whether you choose to fall deeper.. or to get up from that fall. Either way.. you'll learn something. ;)

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